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Thread: What is the future of this event.

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    What is the future of this event.

    First let me start off by saying that I have never been to any other NMRA event. This is the only event that I have been too the past 2 years. But it doesn't seem to draw a lot of fan's Which confusse me. Because of the tri-state area mustang guys that talk so much **** on most of the NY forums. This past race the weather was really nice except friday night. But sat and sun were awsome days and not a lot of people came out to watch.

    I just pick up the july issue of Muscle mustang and fast ford and they have covarge of florida event and saying how it was packed with fans. But what is the best event to go too. I would really hate to see the NJ event be taken away. Since it is the closest to NY.
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    Re: What is the future of this event.

    The chance of rain might have kept some from coming this year.

    Last year they were packed. I had to park a mile away.
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