Mike Murillo drove all the way here from San Antonio, Texas, to put on a show for the fans in his SCT-sponsored hotrod in the Turbonetics Pro Outlaw 10.5 class. Although he struggled in the first round of qualifying to get down the track, the team had things figured out for yesterday’s final session. The lights came down, the car took off, and the scoreboard lit up with an awesome 6.71 at over 219MPH. However, we are hearing rumors this morning that a cylinder head was damaged on that pass – the same thing that sent Murillo home from the Bradenton event. The car is up on stands right now and we’re hoping that Mike was able to find some replacement parts last night.

We hate to keep reporting on him, as his forehead only keeps getting bigger and bigger, but 2009 BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial Champion Jason Lee laid down another sick pass yesterday afternoon in the final qualifying session. After an engine explosion testing two weeks ago at his home track – Milan Dragway – Lee had to scramble to get another bullet together for this event. His hard work was rewarded with a jaw-dropping 7.891 at 179+ MPH – a tenth and a half quicker than the #2 qualifier, Enzo Pecchini. Lee started his championship run last season with a pair of wins – déjà vu, anyone?

The chase to the 9’s in Eibach Springs Pure Street is still very much alive. Although Alan Von Ahnen’s 10.09 is oh-so-close, he just wasn’t able to break the barrier during yesterday’s sessions. With more rubber down on the racetrack today, can any of the competition step up? We are aware of at least one competitor that has broken the mark during a testing session within the last few weeks. Farmer Steve Gifford and Jim St. Charles seem to have the power to do it, along with Von Ahnen.

We just had to bring this one to ya - look for the entire sequence in an upcoming issue of Race Pages. We overheard Mikey Sodano's crew chief say 'We've been having some wheelie issues lately', and got primed and in position for the launch. The reward? A 13-photo sequence from launch to landing.

In more BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial news, noted tuner Andrew Barrale finally got his hotrod onto the track. It’s powered by a stout 305-inch Four-Valve Modular with a gear-driven ProCharger F1R, and Barrale just managed to get the car finished the other night. He showed up here with no track or dyno time and wasn’t even sure if the tune was correct, but cranked off a killer 8.08 new personal best yesterday during qualifying to land himself in the third spot on the ladder behind Lee and Pecchini.