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Thread: Trick Flow high ports

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    Trick Flow high ports

    I have a set of aluminum High Port heads for sale. These are the older style heads and they come with adapters to bolt on the angled bolt patern headers. They were originally ported by Powered By Ford. I then had Knoltens Thunder Heads touch them up and they gained very impressive numbers over the original port work. They made 720hp on a 385" small block ford with a Camshaft innovasions cam. I do not have any pictures at this time but I can get some within a few days, if you are interestead, as they are still on the engine and in the car. I do have the flow numbers, if you would like them I can E-mail them to you. These heads come with 1.6 ratio Probe shaft mount rockers. Titanium 10deg. retainers and locks. SS valves. The heads have been run for three seasons and still in great condition. I love these heads but I am selling them because I am going a little different route. The heads have been run N/A the whole time exept for ONE nitrous pass. They are 61cc chambers. These heads are very nice and make good power.

    I will sell the heads and rockers as a set for $2,100 OBO
    I will sell the heads, rockers, and cam for $2,400 OBO

    I can E-mail. pics, head flow numbers and/or cam specs if you would like.
    You can call me @ 763-219-5264 or E-mail me @ MADKHELSER@HOTMAIL.COM

    Thanks, Dave
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    Re: Trick Flow high ports

    These heads have gone 9.57@144 N/A with more left in it due to traction issues.

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    Re: Trick Flow high ports

    Heads and rockers are SOLD. Cam still avail.

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    Re: Trick Flow high ports

    PM OR send spec on cam to

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