After taking over a year off, George Seeger has returned to the DiabloSport EFI Renegade ranks. Although his familiar ‘4 on 4” blue GT isn’t on the premises, Seeger is driving for Renegade regular John Keller. The team is working to sort out some tuning issues with the help of Drag Radial star Dave guy, and is currently qualified eighth, with an 8.78. Will they step it up today?

What a surprise it was to receive a text message yesterday from a racer, stating ‘you might want to come on over to my pits and take a look at something’. We wandered over to the pit area of 2008 Eibach Springs Pure Street Champion Brandon Alsept, and to our surprise, the engine bay contained not the familiar Four-Valve Modular we’re accustomed to seeing, but a Two-Valve powerplant instead. Alsept snagged the engine from one of his sponsors, Justin Burcham of JPC Racing, and it’s the Factory Stock engine that Burcham used at a race last season. Alsept has been up working for the last two weeks straight every night after work trying to make everything fit into the car, and was handsomely rewarded with a #2 qualified spot, running a 10.27 at 129 mph. He explained that since he hasn’t done as well this season as he would have liked, he decided to get a jump on next season’s workload and do some testing with it. We’re expecting big things from him.

After a piston decided to eat itself on Friday, Bart Tobener had his work cut out for him yesterday morning. He dragged the spare bullet out of the trailer and got to work installing it. Since his daily gig as the lead tech down at MV Performance in Georgia assures that he’s got the skills to make it happen, Tobener was thrashing hard yesterday morning. His 8.70 qualifying pass puts him in front of Seeger heading into today’s eliminations.

Another EFI Renegade racer making waves this weekend is the team of Chad and Travis Allmandinger, supported by Mom and Dad. In years past, Chad had been picking and choosing the events that he would attend, but this year, he's running for one of the NMRA's Top Ten jackets. He's using the tuning services of Bob Kurgan, and the team recently installed a new BigStuff3 engine management system onto the car. They then spun Kurgan Motorsports' dyno rollers to mid-800 numbers on a conservative tune. Chad's running a Bischoff Engine Service-built bullet topped off with a Vortech YSi supercharger. So far this weekend, he's eclipsed his personal best by nearly two tenths by running an 8.61 at nearly 160mph, and Kurgan says to expect mid-8.50's by the end of the weekend.

The Detroit Locker Truck and Lightning class can be quite deceiving. There’s a misconception that the racers in the class aren’t on the ball, but 2008 Champion Mike Motycka usually does a great job of putting that to rest. Yesterday, Motycka and Uncle Jesse (the truck’s name) qualified first in the class with a stellar perfect reaction time. Will he be able to outlast the other 19 trucks in the class?