Yesterday afternoon, when the Hot Street cars came to the starting line in the first round of qualifying, we were surprised to not see the Freight Train of Charlie Booze Jr. in the staging lanes. We were even more surprised to see this badass hotrod pull to the burnout box with Boozeís familiar car number stuck to the windshield. After further inspection, we discovered that New Hampshireís Joe Addario owns the car, which was built back in 2005. Joe recently had arm surgery and is unable to drive until next season, so he enlisted Booze to help him shake the car down at its maiden NMRA event. While the car didnít set any records on the first qualifying hit, Booze told us ďIím not really comfortable in the car yet, and when it started to pick up the nose I had to let out of it. The seating position is different from my car, and Iím still getting used to it.Ē He did say that he would be back behind the wheel of the red car in Bowling Green, but he hinted that we may see a different former Hot Street champ in the seat in Kentucky. Time will tell!

Although this car isnít really designed for Pro Outlaw 10.5, itís the only class it currently fits in. Local racer John Evans and some of his boys put it together for Outlaw Drag Radial-type races, and it features a gear-driven ProCharger F2 supercharger on top of a small-block Ford. Weíve seen other cars of Johnís in the past at this event, so it was no surprise to us that this car was incredibly well-engineered. A lot of thought went into the placement of each component, and itís not a tin-car racecar as so many tend to be as power levels increase. It has a fully finished interior and a level of cleanliness that must be seen to be appreciated. Evans told us that he could have put the car into Super Street Outlaw, but wanted to run on the bigger 10.5W tire since they are closer to the drag radial size that heíll be running most of the time. He qualified sixth with an 8.96 on a shakedown pass.

After the first round of qualifying, Dave Guy is sitting atop the BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial ladder. He was the only car to get down the track with a truly clean pass yesterday, qualifying with an 8.28 at 177 mph. Guy told us heís planning on re-setting the record at some point this weekend, which currently stands at a 7.97.

For the first time in nearly a year, Bryan Byrd of Exiled Racing has returned to the NMRA. His Drag Radial ride made some noise at the end of last season, but his personal life has taken his time away from racing so far this season. Byrdís running a Vortech-boosted pushrod engine in his car, and qualified with a pedaling 9.79 yesterday. He was among the rest of the Drag Radial racers struggling to figure out the tricky track surface. We expect him to dip deep into the 8ís through the course of the weekend.