It's Saturday morning, the fog is burning off, and the fans are pouring in. We're here in Atco, New Jersey, and the racing action will get underway at 10:30AM. The track staff has been working hard to prep the racing surface this morning, so we're expecting to see some quick times on the scoreboards a bit later. According to the powers-that-be, Live Timing is operational, so you can keep an eye on the racing action here:

One of our favorite racers, John Leslie Jr., has been working incredibly hard since the Bradenton event to find more performance out of his ACT Factory Stock combination. He is currently running a Rich Groh-built, GT40-headed engine, but has focused his efforts on wringing the most out of the chassis and supporting components. As a result, during qualifying yesterday, he ran a personal best of 11.26 at 119.33MPH, putting him second in the Factory Stock field at this time. Look for him to improve on that today.

With a step up this season into Edelbrock Hot Street, Don Bowles Sr. has gotten right on the horse. Running Ben Mens/Ron Sharp-built ROUSH power, Bowles was a bit off the pace in Florida as he found his stride in a brand-new car. The ’70 Maverick chassis was constructed in the ROUSH chassis-building facility in Michigan, and Bowles has been hard at work since Florida sorting out the racecar. He was rewarded yesterday with a second-place qualifying position, running an 8.71 at 153.07, putting him just behind ’08 champion Robbie Blankenship. Engine builder Mens is on the property lending assistance to the team, as his new engine combination for his own program wasn’t finished in time to be here.

After spending a few seasons in the NMCA’s Street Race class, Larry Hourcle decided to go EFI Renegade racing. With a busy personal schedule, he doesn’t get out to nearly as many races as he’d like, but he always manages to get here to Atco. After round one was finished yesterday, he sat atop the ladder with a stout 8.53 at 160.75MPH. Look for him to take his Rhodes Custom Auto-built machine even faster today.

Mike Murillo showed up yesterday almost ready to go. After just getting the motor back together earlier in the week, there was still work to be done to get the car back on the racetrack. Unfortunately trans issues got him waved off in the first round of qualifying.

Tim Matherly ran a big number in qualifying yesterday, clicking off a 9.56 at 140.99 miles per hour. Unfortunately, teammates Jim Breese and Dave Ginter didn’t fare as well, as both had troubles going down the track. Breese may not be returning today, as the engine went south and tore up some valvetrain. However, engine builder Matherly has a spare, so don't count them out just yet.

We saw our first 2010 Mustang in competition yesterday. Brent White is campaigning his new pony in JDM Engineering Super Stang. We were at the reveal a few months ago, and while the car looked great just sitting there, it looks even better sprinting down the 1320.