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Thread: Stick a fork in it...

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    Stick a fork in it...

    Unfortunately, the Atco event has been called - lightning can be pretty hard on a timing system, so they've pulled the plug just in case. As soon as I get more information, I'll pass it along.

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    Re: Stick a fork in it...

    Paul, are they gonna finish it up on Thursday the 28th at National Trail? That seems like a good idea or even run the event on Labor Day. That way the racers/NMRA crew don't have to travel all the way back out to Atco for a few rounds of racing. 99% of the racers that are racing for points will be at Columbus I would imagine. The only people that kinda get hosed are the local Atco guys who don't wanna travel. We finished up the Mich event in MG in 05 and it went pretty well. Just some thoughts for you to pass on to the powers that be.
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    Re: Stick a fork in it...

    I haven't gotten any word yet, but as soon as I know, I'll pass it along.

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    Re: Stick a fork in it...

    Damn you guys have an outboard for the comapnay truck? It looks like they gonna need it soon!
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