After nuking his Modular mill in the first round at Joliet, defending BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial champ John Kolivas ran out of time to get it back into shape before this weekend's race. Instead, he's got a pushrod small-block with a side-intake 85mm turbo between the fenderwells, and has already made an 8.19 hit in test & tune.

While I'm still safely ensconced in my office at ProMedia HQ, Donut and Thumbhead are on the ground in New Jersey, and will be bringing you periodic updates throughout the weekend. Remember that first round of quals goes off this evening at 7pm, so it will be a late night for the boys - expect results tomorrow in the morning rather than at oh-dark-thirty tonight when things finally wrap up. In the meantime, remember that the Sagera system and up-to-the-minute results are just a click of the "live timing" button away (it's up there at the top of this page).