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Thread: Bits from the Pits - Saturday

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    Bits from the Pits - Saturday

    By Greg and Jason

    It took a lot of work to do it, but after getting the track dry no less than three separate times, we got in everything we needed to do, completing the first round of eliminations for every class. Here are some highlights from today’s action:

    In an act that defies belief, former Pro 5.0 driver and current Pro Street competitor Steve Matusek got way, way out of shape just before the 330-foot mark, and after multiple 180-degree swings, the car straightened out, and thanks to some quick reflexes from Matusek, miraculously came away without a scratch. Well, assuming you don’t count the pinch marks in the seat, that is.

    John Kolivas, in search for the first official seven-second pass in BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial, ran his first round bye out with a vengeance, going 8.14 at over 172 miles per hour. However, through the lights, the white rocket began belched an ominous cloud of smoke, as his turbo presumably ate itself. His spot in the pits is deserted tonight, so the outlook isn’t good.

    Diablosport EFI Renegade racer Joel Howard had an insane first round. Apparently the track bit harder than expected, and Howard went on the bumper something fierce. When he came down, he did so in quite a violent manner, smashing the oil pan and headers, and popping off a headlight cover. If you’ve got to go out first round, there’s no more extravagant way.

    It was only a matter of time before someone managed to crush the ProCharger Super Street Outlaw record. Yesterday, AJ Powell busted out a 7.42, well under the previous mark. Since the rain earlier this morning cleaned up the air and freshened up the track surface, the tension was high as the class rolled to the lanes. The lights flashed, Jarrett Halfacre let go of the transbrake, and simply obliterated the record. A 7.382 at 197.39 MPH shone on the scoreboard, and suddenly the landscape is different in the Freak Show.

    Dave Guy had placed himself into premier position on the DiabloSport EFI Renegade ladder after his 8.67 qualifying effort. Unfortunately, when he came up against Chris Beary in round one, his day would end, as both racers came down with a case of “premature acceleration” and both left before the tree was activated. Thankfully, we did at least manage to get this cool (in our eyes) photo of Dave as he left the line.

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen Trace Meyer hitting the track in BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial competition. Meyer has been taking it easy the last couple of years working on his family and staying local, but he’s back, and in a big way. Meyer commissioned engine builder Mike Curcio to create him a brand-new, state-of-the-art bullet, and he’s here on the premises this weekend. Unfortunately, a sleepy light against Tim Huspen cost him his shot at the hill of beans, but you better believe he’ll be back and ready to roll for Atco.

    That’s it from Joliet for today. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for greatly improved weather, so we’re all going to sleep with dreams of dry asphalt and low ET’s dancing in our heads…

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    Re: Bits from the Pits - Saturday

    nice write up!!!!

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