By Paul Huizenga
It’s been a crazy day here on Thursday at the Second Annual Motive Gear Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing presented by Nitto Tire – While the surrounding area got hammered mid-day with a line of heavy shower activity, Route 66 Raceway stayed dry, albeit very, very windy as the day drew to a close. Here’s a little look at the goings-on:

Jim Monson just can’t leave Gumby, his Vortech Outlaw 10.5 ride, well enough alone. The latest addition is a dual-chute rig to replace his previous single, and a wheelie bar net to keep the pilots from fouling should the giant springs fail to throw them clear. Per Monson, “It’s gone faster than 200 before, so I need the duals. Sure, the launchers are overkill – my attitude is, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but if you do fix it, fix it right.” Monson will be running NMCA Nitto Super Street this weekend, so we’ll check back with him later to see if the recoil when he pulls the handles causes any neck injuries.

Speaking of dual parachutes, MSD SSO racer Jarrett Halfacre had a little run-in during today’s test & tune when a hard deployment after a 7.51/190-plus mph pass caused him to brush the wall. We’re happy to report that Halfacre was uninjured, and the damage appears to be mostly cosmetic. Halfacre tells us that they’ve already lined up a chassis shop to inspect the car and perform any needed repairs tonight, and with any luck he’ll be back in the mix tomorrow.

NMRA racers are a civic-minded bunch – here, Dave Schorr (left) and Jeff Rasmussen do a little tidying-up after last night’s rain.

2006 BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial champ John Kolivas decided that rather than continue to run an 88mm turbo and take the newly-imposed 100-pound weight penalty, he’d just go back to an 85 and make that work instead. Since he’s already gone 8-teens here today, we wouldn’t bet against him pulling it off. “Let the crying begin again,” says Kolivas.

That’s it for today – Check back tomorrow for more Bits from the Pits and coverage of the first rounds of qualifying, and don’t forget that the results are coming to you live on the web this weekend at !