By Jason and Paul

Today has been a very, very full one – Two rounds of qualifying, the heads-up finals from Reynolds, the Ford Invitational, and the B&M/Hurst/McLeod Pure Street Shootout all went down without a hitch. Here’s a few things you might find interesting…

In the belated final round from the Reynolds event, Jimmy Wilson capped off over a year of hard work when he took the win light against Ryan Hecox. Jimmy’s also in good position to place well here at the Milan event, and a runner-up from Florida gives him a great start on the season.

Crane Cams Open Comp racer Don Bowles is debuting a brand-new ‘secret motor’, a naturally-aspirated combination optimized for E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded. Though E85 is intended as a “greener” pump fuel that will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, it also happens to be kick-ass race gas because of its high octane number and very low (by race gas standards) price.

In the Ford Racing Invitational, beyond everyone’s wildest expectations, Editor Huizenga acquitted himself quite well, despite never having driven a 600 RWHP car, let along a 600 hp convertible GT500 on street tires. When asked how he was managing to go rounds, he said “I may not be a good driver, but I can fender race with the best of them.” Huizenga advanced through the 14-car field to the semifinals, and was driving the last stick-shift car in the bracket competition, but lost to Car Craft’s John Gallagher, who was driving an F150, of all things.

How does Jack Roush spend his free time? On Friday, the Cat in the Hat took the afternoon off from work and came down to hang out at the dragstrip with his family and his pal, Don Bowles.

Resurgence is in the air for former Fun Ford Weekend Renegade champion Bart Tobener. With a win in Florida, and today’s Reynolds final round victory over Brian Mitchell, Tobener is off to a great start for his ’07 championship bid. A rematch of Florida’s final round played out nearly the exact same way, as Mitchell got out of it with what seemed to be driveline trouble.

That’s it for today. Log in tomorrow for full race results from Milan…