Test and Tune day at Route 66 dawned hot and sultry, but by mid-day there were more than 200 heads-up cars on the property getting ready for a weekend of world-class racing.

How hot was it? Per Mr. Open Comp’s weather station, 90 degrees and 63 percent humidity just after noon. The density altitude? An alpine 3200 feet.

One of the early arrivals getting ready on Thursday was MSD Super Street Outlaw racer John Urist, sporting this spooky new wrap on his familiar red ride.

In the “why didn’t we notice this earlier?” file is this shot of Jarrett Halfacre’s way-cool boost control setup. Per Halfacre, in addition to a conventional wastegate that regulates how much exhaust flow reaches the hot side of the turbocharger, this wastegate on the cool side helps keep boost under precise control. Commanded by a MSD boost controller and activated by a CO2 bottle, the wastegate mounted on the intercooler releases pressurized intake air to the outside world when required. At 2.5 seconds into the run, a solenoid on the release side clamps down and keeps the wastegate closed for the remainder of the pass.

In the “we pride ourselves on getting it right – eventually” file we find Burt Kelkboom. In Michigan, we incorrectly reported that Team Aruba’s new car was an IHRA veteran chassis. Nothing could be further from the truth; it’s actually a brand new Rick Jones piece that reflects Team Aruba’s commitment to bringing home a DiabloSport Pro 5.0 championship. Sorry about that, guys!

And then, the weather went from “uncomfortable” to scary, as a severe storm passed through the area, spawning (no joke here) tornadoes that had everyone on the property scrambling for shelter. Right now, at 6 PM, it’s still coming down. No tornados in sight, knock on wood, and the forecast for the rest of the weekend is hot but precipitation-free. We’re clearing out, so that’s it for today from Route 66.