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Thread: Many Thanks from Me

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    Many Thanks from Me

    WFC9 was a great time, but we experienced some difficulties en route to our runner up finish. I had been shaking the tires for several races, and I guess it finally took its toll on the driveline, as we had the tranny and converter out twice on Saturday, but got it all fixed and ran a personal best of 7.07 in the final.

    Many thanks go out to the following people, in addition to our usual sponsors:

    Angel Padilla for everything he does in our program.

    Eric Stubbs and Nathan Snapp for helping pull everything apart twice, and for help the whole weekend. I could not have asked for better help.

    Harvey Baker and Spanky from Performance Automatic. Without parts, knowledge, tools, and help, we were nowhere.

    David Gates of Gates Transmission and long time racer. David put his years of knowledge to work for me on my tranny, and asked for nothing in return. He found some things that were holding us back, and helped me decide what to do. Big time thanks.

    Heath Blanke of Chance Converters. Awesome person who is willing to help any time; I'd have you at all the races if I could. Thanks a million.

    Steve Petty and Tim Lynch gave me the part I used to outrun them in the second round. But for the part, and their bad luck, we would have been victims, so thanks very much.

    John Urist and Dwayne James for loaning me anything I needed; you guys are the best pit buddies to have in the world. The next case(s) are on me.

    Pete Kotzur of Kotzur Racing Engines for taking the destruction I caused in Louisiana and putting it back to perfect form for me. I cannot thank you enough times.

    I also thank my wife, my parents, Granatelli Motorsports, Trans King Transmissions, Precision Turbo, FAST, Mike Murillo, Performance Fuel Sytems, Mustang Parts Specialties, and Stang Gear.

    I hope I do you guys proud, and we'll try harder next time.
    Ever carried the front wheels for an eighth mile? Better hope it's goin' straight!

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    Re: Many Thanks from Me

    great job chip.. it was a good time..
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    Re: Many Thanks from Me

    Way to go Chip and crew!!!


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    Re: Many Thanks from Me're still my HERO!!!! way to go on the runner up finish!
    Oscar Garcia
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    thanx to:

    Dave Zimmermann @

    Lenny Croteau @

    Harold @

    Mark & Adam @

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    Re: Many Thanks from Me

    Great Job Chip, My dad and I were happy to see the runner up finish after all the problems you were having on Saturday.

    I wanted to say thanks on behalf of my dad and I for being so nice to us (we were the two clowns hanging around Friday and Saturday). You really made my dad's weekend by talking with us and being so friendly (the beer and t-shirts were great as well). That was the first event like that my dad was at, and he is a huge fan of yours. Needless to say he was really excited he got to meet you.

    Good luck with the rest of the season!!!!


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    Re: Many Thanks from Me

    Thanks Chip you and your familly(team included) have always been great to me at the races and away. Anytime you need me I will try to be there give me a call anytime..... sorry I didnt see this sooner but with the big"D" going on I havent been online much

    Thanks Heath B.
    Heath Blanke
    Neal Chance Racing Converters
    316-542-9869 M-F 7am-4pm CDT
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