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Thread: Gina's car

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    Gina's car

    Hey everyone!! This is Mrs Lance. (Gina)

    Any one opposed to me running my car in MSD outlaw with Radial tires? Certainly none of you are worried about my stock suspension ride.
    I need test time and this is the only class I can run in. Not legal for drag radial unfortunately


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    Re: Gina's car

    I can't see how it would'nt be legal? the Drag radial tires are a disadvantage compared to a 28X10.5 slick...correct? Just wondering...which ones do you guys use 325's or 315/60's?
    Actually I thought I heard a rumor that Wade Hopkins was gonna run his car in SSO also...don't know though??
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    Re: Gina's car

    The tech department would be the people to contact, Gina. It doesn't matter whether your competitors agree, it's whether the car fits the rules. Contact Thom, although I'm not sure if he's gone yet.

    Will that tire fit into the go/no-go gauge?
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    Re: Gina's car

    We run a 325 x 50 x 15 and if we cant run sso then will go pro 50

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    Re: Gina's car

    I dont think they will aloow it.... somebody tried once before and the tires dont fit within the 10.5 max width rule.... if I remeber tech said if it fit the go-no go gauge they could run..... which would be the 275 tire.... but I would double check... becuase if its the mickey it works as good or better then the 28x10.5
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    Re: Gina's car

    5.1 Tires
    TIRES - FRONT: Front tires must have a minimum tread width of 4.5 inches.
    TIRES – REAR: Street type or racing slicks permitted. Maximum actual measured tire size is as follows: Actual measured tread of tire is limited to 10.6 inches by 28.6 inches tall. Tire width will be measured by a “go-no go” gauge after conclusion of run at scale area. Tire tread may not extend outside fenders. Tire shaving is prohibited.

    the way i interperate the rules is you can run a slick or a radial as long as it is not bigger than the given measurements. and a 325 radial is obvisouly bigger.
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