1. Fully ported Twisted Wedge heads with 2.08 intake and 1.6 exhaust valves. Heads been freshly cleaned up with new valve job and valve seals. They also have been deck lightly to ensure they are flat. Two valves were replaced due to a broken rocker arm which caused them to bend. Setup for a 3/8 rocker which I have some available. Heads are in mint condition and have been 11.90ís in a naturally aspirated car. Asking $1200 obo.
2. Crane 1.6 stud mount rocker with adjusting nuts. Used for one season. Asking $150 obo.

5. Autometer A-pillar gauge pod for F-150 lighting painted grey with Autometer 2 1/16 phantom boost gauge. This fits all F-150 1999-2003 models. Vacuum/boost up to 20psi. Asking $50 obo

8. Lakewood 50-50 drag shocks, used one season. Asking $65 obo
9. Stainless steel brake lines for the front with -3an female ends. Used one season. Asking $50 obo
10. FMS aluminum driveshaft used one season on a tremec stick shift car. Excellent U-joints. Asking $125 obo
11. Painless wiring 8 switch panel IN-DASH with fuse box. Couple of lenses on the buttons are missing. Asking $100 obo
12. 2 5/8 cups with brackets for gauges. Black in color. (3 total) Asking $10 obo each
13. Eibach drag launch kit with airbag. Used two seasons and the front coils are cut to lower front of car ĺ inch to 1 inch. Asking $175 obo
14. MSD 7A-3 Ignition box with HVC-2 coil. Ignition was upgraded to all 2003 specs from MSD and hasnít been used since upgrade. Coil is brand new in the box. Asking $575 obo

16. TRW L2442ó0.030 over pistons for 351W set of 8. For use with stock length rods and stock 3.5 stroke crank. Dome pistons setup for inline valve head (dart, victor jr, afr, high port, canfield, etc.)óNIB, Asking $200 obo
17. Omega shaft mount rocker system. 1.6 Ratio, comes complete with stands, instructions, and rocker gear. For use with inline valve head (dart, victor jr, afr, high port, canfield, etc.) Asking $200 obo
18. Clear corner light for passenger side only. THIS IS ONE LIGHT NOT A PAIR FOR PASSENGER ONLY. Great condition. Asking $30 obo
19. Autometer 2 5/8 Sport-Comp Water Temp gauge, 120-240 degrees $30 obo

22. Meisere electric water pump for SBF, anodized blue. Modified for use with heat comes with backing plate and water inlet fitting also anodized blue. Asking $275 obo
23. Vortech Boost retard ignition box, anodized blue. Comes with knob to add or retard timing for boosted applications. Asking $65 obo
24. Comp Cam roller rocker arms, 1.5 ratio Pro-Magnum setup for 7/16 stud rockers. Used for two seasons. Asking $225 obo
25. Kirkey aluminum seat with blue kirkey seat cover, NIB. Asking $100 obo

27. Mickey Thompson ET Front 26x4.5 tires (pair) used for a season, lots of tire life left. Asking $125 obo
28. Mickey Thompson ET Front 28x4.5 (one tire only) with only 2 passes on it. Asking $100 obo
29. Autometer 2 5/8 Sport Comp volt gauge, 8-18V. Asking $30 obo

32. Autometer 2 1/16 Ultra lite volts gauge. 8-18v. Asking $30 obo
33. MSD RPM selector module. 3000-5200 rpm has adjustable knob. Asking $30 obo
34. 94 mustang steering columb minus airbag. This is all black and comes with steering wheel. Asking $100 obo
35. TFS high port heads, aluminum with Titanium intake and exhaust valves. 2.08 intake and 1.6 exhaust valve with raised intake runners and pro-ported exhaust. Heads come with solid roller springs and Titanium retainers and locks. Jesel 1.7 rocker gear with custom one inch stands and every option Jesel has to offer for there rocker gear. Heads are setup for external cooling. All port work was done by Advanced Airflow Engineering, RON SHARP. These heads came off a SSO car and have been low 8ís. Asking $1800
36. Flex-a-lite Black Magic fan, used one season missing theromosat module but can hard wire fan. Asking $125 obo

38. TRZ lower control arms and double adjustable uppers, used one season. Asking $$275 obo
39. FMS aluminum harmonic balancer, setup for neutral balance but just need weight to make it 28oz or 50oz. Used for one season comes with pulley spacer for older cars. $140 obo