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Thread: Event Photos?

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    Event Photos?

    Did anyone get any photos from Bowling Green?
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    Re: Event Photos?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chalie R View Post
    Did anyone get any photos from Bowling Green?
    Good luck with that,Brian Epps has the exclusive on the NMRA photos,he only sells them at the events & does not post any photos on line. takes photos & post them,but he cannot sell you anything do to the exclusive deal Brain Epps has.
    This is a real diservice to us racers & fans! I don't like it at all.
    Please tell Charlie & Steve,we need more democracy (competition) on the starting line taking photos.

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    Re: Event Photos?

    Brian Epps 704-906-1004

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    Re: Event Photos?

    Mine cost me 25 bucks at the track. Great quality.

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