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Thread: NEW 460 based 545 stroker shortblock

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    NEW 460 based 545 stroker shortblock

    I have a brand new Ford 460-based 545 stroker unassembled shortblock, fresh from the machine shop that I obtained from someone else, but have decided on a different combo.

    Block is C9VE, bored .030 over, cam bearings & freeze plugs installed, ready to assemble

    4.5" Cast Iron (Cast Steel) Crank, has RPM QT-460C stamped on the end

    Pistons: KB402 Hypereutectic that provide 9.8:1 compression with standard 97cc combustion chamber heads.

    Link to Manufacturer information for Pistons:

    6.7" 4340 Forged H-Beam w/Big Block Chevy big end; Unsure about origin of the rods, but they appear to be Eagle or Scat, but could be RPM

    Set of King Rod bearings for BBC rods, and King Main bearings for BBF, both std.

    Set of Mahle Rings

    Flat-tappet Hydraulic cam, unknown specs, with lifters

    Double-row timing chain & Gears

    I'm looking to get $2400 OBO, plus shipping, and I can assemble it for another $100
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    Re: NEW 460 based 545 stroker shortblock

    Not sure what happened to the pictures, they don't show up in my browser, so if you want to take a look, please PM me, and I'll send them to you.

    I'll probably be assembling this shortblock this weekend, but don't plan to raise my asking price; also am open to offers . . .


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    Re: NEW 460 based 545 stroker shortblock

    Lowering asking price to $2200 OBO

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    Re: NEW 460 based 545 stroker shortblock


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