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Thread: Joilet\Atco Eliminations Info

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    Joilet\Atco Eliminations Info

    We are working on a schedule for the index classes that would work for everyone to complete the Atco race in Joliet during time trials and qualifying. If you are still in eliminations from Atco it would be in your best interest to get parked and teched in on Thurs. This way you will be sure to hit the track early on Friday for time trials.
    The way it looks now is there will be a time trial session for everyone scheduled for Friday from 9am-3pm. We will call the Atco participants in Open Comp, Modular Muscle, Super Stang, and Truck and Lightning to the lanes first for time runs. Once the Atco index classes are in the lanes everyone will be called to make time trials.
    If you are in OC, MM, and TR you will be able to declare a new index to run under for eliminations. For the SST competitors that are still in eliminations you will be able to choose a new dial in when you are called to the lanes for eliminations.
    We would like to have all of the new personal indexes declared to the tower no later than 1:30pm on Friday so we can make the proper arrangements in the computer before eliminations start.
    Since Modular Muscle and Super Stang have more than 8 cars left in eliminations they will be called up for eliminations at 2:00 pm on Friday. All other classes are 8 cars or less so they will run eliminations during the 3 scheduled qualifiers. For the racers that are still in the Atco eliminations your qualifying data for the Super Bowl event will come from the 3 scheduled qualifying attempts. For qualifying in the Super Bowl event Modular Muscle will not use the 2nd round of 9 cars at 2:00pm as a qualifier.
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    Re: Joilet\Atco Eliminations Info

    In all fairness to those not competing in the Atco make up more hits at the track and tree create an unfair advantage if you get 6 runs vs someone else who only gets 3.
    It has been brought to our attention that a person may run someone in each round of eliminations from the Atco race, by doing this they may dump on the big end judging the finish line and not get a valid time to use for qualifying in the Joliet race.
    Should this occur we are looking at allowing the all drivers participating in the Atco runoff to submit an index to be used for the Joliet eliminations.

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