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Thread: NMRA\NMCA Super Bowl Brackets

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    NMRA\NMCA Super Bowl Brackets

    *Joliet IL Super Bowl Event: 1\4 Mile: 2 bracket classes will be available Electronics and No Electronics. This bracket class will be open to all makes, models. Dragsters and Roadsters permitted. This event will have time trials on Friday and Saturday. Eliminations will be on Sunday.
    Purse for the Joliet event is:

    Winner: $1200
    Runner Up: $500
    Semi: $250
    Quarters: $150
    Eights: $60

    No Electronics
    Winner: $1200
    Runner Up: $500
    Semi: $250
    Quarters: $150
    Eights: $60

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    Re: NMRA\NMCA Super Bowl Brackets

    Trey, can you post up what the entry fee will be? Also, I wanted to make sure that this will not require a membership. Are there rules posted anywhere about the brackets? I was wondering about starting. It's .500 sportsman tree I'm assuming?
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    Re: NMRA\NMCA Super Bowl Brackets

    Here is the link for the prices. It will be a .500 Full Tree. No membership required.

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    Re: NMRA\NMCA Super Bowl Brackets

    Spoke to quite a few non racers, actual real genuine spectators
    They said to let them know if the next super bowl is going to have brackets. If so, they are not coming back. They felt like they were at a local track test n tune, not an NMRA event. Not sure if anyone cares but these are your spectators talking, not racers.
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