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  1. Don't have any pics - besides I sold em for...

    Don't have any pics - besides I sold em for $180.00 yesterday.
  2. 2 Mickey Thompson ET Streets 26x11.5

    I have 2 Mickey Thompson ET Street drag tires for sale. I used them on my 98 Mustang Cobra for a few months this Spring/Summer at the strip. They still have all tread markings on them. There is a lot...
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    Bracket Racing Numbers

    I read in another thread that you don't have to join the NMRA to get in the Bracket Classes. If you DON'T join the NMRA what racer number are you supposed to use? I have a number that I have been...
  4. Just to make sure, I just installed an aluminum...

    Just to make sure, I just installed an aluminum fire wall behind my rear seats this morning. I figured it couldn't hurt, right?

    On an unrelated note, I went down to Maple Grove on Sunday. I did...
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    bracket racing numbers

    If I do NOT join the NMRA, but I have a Maple Grove racer number, do I just use that number for the Bracket classes this weekend? Also - do you need to have your numbers & class on all 4 sides of...
  6. Is my battery relocator NMRA legal?

    I have a Summit Racing plastic battery relocator in my 98 Cobra coupe. Is this legal for competition in the NMRA? the NHRA? So far I have raced without a problem at local weekend bracket racing...
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    If I call and pay for my membership now, when...

    If I call and pay for my membership now, when would I receive my membership packet? (windshield sticker, NMRA stickers, etc.) I plan on racing at Maple Grove in 13 days. Would i recieve it in time...
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    Vortech Modular Class Question

    I will be racing at the NMRA event in Reading, PA this month and I wanted to be prepared. I will be competing in the Vortech Modular Class and I have a few questions:

    First: I read the rules for...
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