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Keith Caudill

The Journey to OC Begins

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So I'm kickin' back in a small studio apt. I had 8 months ago, watching The Last Waltz from The Band, eating a pizza and reading the local swapper at around 9pm. "For sale: 1988 Mustang race car project, no motor no trans, 4:10 rear, 8 gal. cell, perfect body / underneath $600". By 11pm I was an hour away, handing over the cash. The car was perfect, faded original red paint & all. Was a S. Fl. car since new, not a spot of surface rust up or down, no dents. The car unfortunately has had to sit until recently when I finally got a place with a nice garage. So, here’s where the story really begins..... A few weekends ago I had a buddy of mine, Bobby at Bobby's Garage in Jax offer me a tow dolly for a weekend to get her home (If you need honest work done, look him up...Great Guy). I woke up like a kid at Christmas on Sunday morning, made some eggs and waited for my awesome girl to get ready. Now, I have to admit...I did something I felt totally guilty about as I was blessing my breakfast. With big inches and forced induction in my head, I have to embarrassingly admit I asked for a winning lottery ticket. Although I felt shameless, the eggs tasted good. With the tow bar on the back, tools and a floor jack loaded, we set out. First stop was the gas station to fuel up for the hour ride to get the car and to check the lotto tickets!!!

Here's my girl coming out of the station with GREAT NEWS!!!! My lotto ticket was a winner!!!! No Lie!!!!! Now, I would like to tell you I became a millionaire that morning, but it was only $6.00 for matching 3 numbers. It did teach me a couple of valuable lessons though... It definitely reminded me that God answers prayers, period.... Now with no disrespect intended, it also taught me to be a little more specific with my prayer requests. (On a side note: Daddy was a preacher that taught me right, I really am grateful for every blessing). So the ride to Lake City was filled with hope. I knew that I had a flat on the front, but I came prepared with the jack and my tools, took the wheel off and headed to my buddies shop to fill the thing up. I hurried back to the yard to get the car loaded, bad omen #1... The tire was as flat again as when I took it off. No biggie, right? I have a tow dolly, I only need 2 tires on the ground anyways...I just needed a little more help getting it loaded on the dolly. I called my identical twin bro, he was there in no time and with a little effort, she was loaded.

This is me standing in front of the car all loaded and ready to go, man....I really was feeling like a kid at this point!!

And away we go!! The car pulled great through the forest, finally reaching the interstate. I made it half way, singin', laughin' and thinkin' how hot my girl was lookin'. Now you know that's the point when the wheels start coming off of any project going this smooth. Suddenly, she felt like the proverbial fat lady just sat down in the front seat of the Mustang and started singing with me. After pulling far off the very busy highway, I had to pay homage to the tolerance of my girl and her ability to keep a cool head. If you have never been with a South American Lady, I can surely tell you....They are very beautiful, have a very sexy accent and really know how to treat their guy. But...Good God Man don't make them angry!!!! It took me all of about 30 seconds to formulate a plan of attack and put it in motion. In no time I had the left rear wheel off and the Stang sitting on the drum while I unstrapped the right front wheel from the dolly. Now as I turn 41 tomorrow, I don't know when it was that I learned to always buy the best tool that you can when you need something, but I am glad it hit me somewhere in life. Can you believe that floor jack went high enough to get the wheel off of the dolly without having to unload? Cool.... This is where I learned a lot about my girl. As tiny as she is, she came out of the truck, handed me a lit cigarette, grabbed that bigazz jack and carried it to the traffic side of the car, jacked it up in the right spot and put that good wheel back on. Whaaat??? NOOO WAAAYYY!!!! Now I'm happy as I have ever been, pulling off of the next exit to air up / check everything over. Back on the highway we go... just groovin' and lovin' for 2 more miles when just like a Bat Man fight scene... KA-BLAM!!! BOOM-POW!!! SKEE-RUNCHH!!! Just like the giant crap that was being taken on my day, the same damn tire starts throwing rubber all over the windshield of the Toyota behind me. With one solid tire, I had no choice but to call a tow company we do business with and get a flatbed on the way. They were very cool about working a great deal (Thank you ASAP Towing of JAX!!!) with me and we made the most out of our wait time. Now, wouldn't it just figure that when I went to take pics of the wrecker loading her up, the new batteries in the camera were dead? Well kids, ya win some, ya lose some. This is how she sits now, waiting on a cage. I have a couple deals I am hoping to land as far as help with this project goes. If anyone would like to lend a hand, I sure would be grateful!!

Should be joining y'all in Open Comp by mid 09, but for now, time to hit the sack.

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  1. Damon Sea's Avatar

    Nice story. See you in OC this year! Any progress?