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  1. Hello marty yes the intake i have does have the 16 injectors i'll be using 16 235# moran injectors for my combo running on methanol my intake is a hogans peice and they run around $3500 i got a smoking deal on mine from the guy that is selling the 430'' motor bought it a year ago from him for $2000 and it was brand new so it was a good score. Every once and awile they do pop for sale on nmra or yellow bullet used for around the $2000
    as of now i don't know anyone that has one for sale so sorry i can't help you out there but i will keep my eyes and ears open for yea
  2. Hello, My name is Marty and I just viewed your photo album you had in responce to the guy selling the 430 motor in tidays posts. Beautiful build. I am looking for a similar intake for a Mon'O'War 9.5" all aluminum block I'm using as the starting point for my twin turbo street 88 G.T. I noticed theres 2 injecters per cylinder. Are you going to use both? I am shelving my accel GEN-7 to replace with a Electromotive TEC-3R. I don't think the accel DFI has previsions for the dual injecters. Job Spetter Jr. set me up with the Accel a few years back and I heard he's not in this stuff any more. Plus I'd feel funny calling him up and telling him the project was put on hold for the past 5 years. Anyway if you would let me know roughly how much I should expect to spend on a intake similar to the one you have or even better if you know anybody looking to get rid of one let me know. Thank's in advance, Marty.
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