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NMRA Jason
03-07-2010, 04:50 AM

Itís been another record-setting day here at Bradenton Motorsports Park. In the ACT Factory Stock class, Tommy Godfrey became the charter member of the 10-second club when he clicked off an unreal 10.96 in the final round of qualifying. Itís been an interesting weekend for Godfrey, as he had to send crew chief Eric Holliday to the track with the car, since he was stuck at work and didnít get here until today. Holliday ran into a snowstorm in North Carolina, and someone came across the lane and wrecked the driverís side of the tow rig. Luckily it was able to be driven here so Godfrey can compete. Somehow we think the 10-second pass will ease some of his pain!


A strange winter here in the Southeast put a damper on Turbonetics Pro 10.5 competitor Conrad Scarryís testing plans. Scarry finally made it onto the property today, and proceeded to unload the car and show everyone he wasnít playing when it comes to regaining his Pro 10.5 title from 2008. An awesome 6.788 was the reward for all of the late nights of work from the Scarry Crew. Can he go wire-to-wire?


Yesterday morning, we reported on John Uristís incredible 7.29 blast in the ProCharger Super Street Outlaw class. Today, Sammy Vincent laid a 7.28 at 192 MPH down in the final round of qualifying. As the track conditions got better, Vincent put Urist second on the ladder for tomorrow, which is a spot heís not accustomed to occupying. Today should be an incredible day in SSO Ė itís all on the line at the Spring Break Shootout!


Another class with competitors jockeying for position is DiabloSport EFI Renegade. After Alton Clementsí 8.34 yesterday, we didnít expect to see anything better this afternoon, but Bad Bart Tobener proved us wrong. Not only did he take the top spot away from last seasonís champ, he also put an unreal 166 MPH up on the scoreboard out of his Modular-powered notchback. Tobener is no stranger to the winnerís circle. Maybe heíll be there tonight.


Friday night, Bob Kurgan was sittiní pretty at the top of the BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial ladder with a stout 7.947 at 176 MPH. Yesterday, Jason Lee took that spot away from him with a 7.941 at a whopping 180.14 MPH Ė setting the record and the tone for 2010. With three cars qualified in the 7ís and another three in the 8.0ís, todayís elimination rounds and winnerís circle trip will be up for grabs. Who will it be?


We did not mean to omit Steve Gifford from Fridayís pit notes, but he nearly became the first racer into the 9-second Club in Eibach Springs Pure Street. He ran a 10.04 at 134.22 MPH, which he felt was good enough to go into eliminations with Ė he skipped the third round of qualifying. The black beast seems to be the favorite, with a two-tenth advantage on the competition heading into elims.

In other news, Lou Proto, Mike Murillo, and Jim Blair are all out of competition with broken parts.