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10-06-2009, 09:41 PM
Guys, this is a friendly reminder you all need to plan the parking in advance. In years past with big events it gets to be a real big problem. First, open the gates early. Be sure to park racers in the racer side and spectators on the spectator side.Yes, some of us have crew members who will be driving their cars and need to park on the racer side so don't be Nazis. Signs along the road before the entrance might help people know where to enter before they get to the gate and in the wrong line. You might need to have overflow outside the gate planned in advance or the road will be seriously backed up. Unless something has changed recently the road leading to HRP is a 2 lane with traffic flowing in both directions. The majority of people attending the event will have to cross oncoming traffic to get in the gate. Security or at least people directing cars will be needed. That area has had some construction in the last year. I am not sure what the status is, but check it out and announce the best routes to take before people show up. The HRP ticket staff has never been known for selling tickets and making change in a timely manner so they may need help. For those holding tickets do they really need to wait in the same line as those purchasing tickets for the first time?There is a reason we buy a weekend pass on the first day. I am looking forward to a great event so lets get it started that way.

10-06-2009, 10:36 PM
The Grand Parkway was recently opened to allow a better flow of traffic into HRP. Come down I-10 and the GP is on the eastern side of the track. There is a marked exit set up for HRP with signage. This will allow racers to come in on the pit side of the track and line up with no crossing of oncoming traffic.