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09-04-2009, 09:25 PM
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It is the first race alone for the NMRA since the two combined races at Joliet and zMax with the NMCA. This is the next to last points event for the NMRA as the points battle begins to come to a close.

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Testing Update


Dan Millen has gotten a handle on the tricky track conditions in testing, posting a shutoff 7.749 @ 127.35 after a strong wheels-up charge.


Dave Guy annihilated the tires right at the hit on his opening pass in testing, pedaling the car numerous times before reaching the 60' clocks and roasting the tires with each slap of the throttle.


Pro Outlaw 10.5 competitor Jim Monson ran a shutoff 7.927 @ 135.20, leaving the line fairly soft but charging nice and straight through the middle of the quarter mile. "Less might be better this weekend," stated Monson in reference to the track conditions.

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09-04-2009, 09:30 PM
Qualifying Round 1 Notes

Round 1 of qualifying has wrapped up here in Columbus, with many racers finding the right combination for the track early, while others will be scratching their heads late into the evening.


In Factory Stock, John Leslie Jr. leads the class into Saturday's qualifying, running a 11.436 @ 116.82 lap.


Steve Gifford leads the Pure Street contingent on the heels of a solid 10.293 @ 121.30 run.

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09-05-2009, 07:26 AM
SIZE="4"]Saturday Morning Notes[/SIZE]

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Things are getting underway here at National Trail Raceway with bracket and index time trials taking to the track, and the action will steadily heat up as the heads-up classes will come to the line for their second qualifying session at 10:30 AM EST.



Renegade racer Bart Tobener is thrashing to make an engine swap after hurting a piston in his primary engine yesterday. Bart plans to have the car ready for both of today's qualifying sessions.

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09-05-2009, 10:52 AM
Qualifying Round 2 Notes


In Factory Stock, John Leslie Jr., the incoming provisional top qualifier, stunned the rest of the class by picking up nearly .2 and distancing himself nearly that same amount from his nearest competitor, running an astounding 11.263 @ 117.75 MPH.


Bruce Hemminger, who came into the 2nd session as the top qualifier in Real Street, launched with the wheels way up and missed second gear in the process, quickly slamming the nose back to earth. Bruce shut the car down and pulled to the side to check the oil pan for damage, but an inspection of the car turned up positive and he'll be back for the final session this afternoon.

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09-05-2009, 05:20 PM
Final Round Qualifying Notes



In the final round of qualifying, Dan Millen and Conrad Scarry saved their best for last, duking it out for the top spot with near identical elapsed times. Millen laid down a 6.801 2 211.03 MPH, to edge out Scarry, who was finally able to keep his mount nice and straight to into the second slot at 6.807 @ 223.14. Keep an eye on these two, as they could well battle it out tomorrow afternoon for the Pro Outlaw 10.5 crown here at Columbus.


John Urist again showed why he is undoubtedly the class of the field in Super Street Outlaw, running a stout 7.392 @ 192.33 MPH to stretch the gap over the rest of the field. zMax winner John McDonald is within striking distance with a 7.442, as these two are certainly the favorites heading into tomorrow's eliminations.


The top two qualifiers in Renegade faced off in the final session, both stepping up but retaining their positions, Clements running a great 8.509 @ 161.71 MPH to Rawls' 8.538 @ 161.13 MPH. Other movers in the class included Larry Hourcle at 8.589 to place third, and Chad Almandingers' 8.617 for the fourth spot.

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09-06-2009, 08:22 AM
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Teams are unloading their rides here this morning at National Trail Raceway to clear skies and temperatures hovering around 80 degrees. It should be a great day of racing, stay tuned.


Bart Tobener got his Renegade ride back together for yesterday's final session, running an 8.707 to head into today's eliminations 7th. Bart is looking to get into the 50's today and place himself right in the thick of the battle.

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09-06-2009, 01:53 PM


Dan Millen set the bar in Pro Outlaw 10.5 with low E.T. of the round, a 6.824 @ 205.13 on his first round solo. Jim Monson defeated Jim Brown in a good race, 7.248 to 7.361. Conrad Scarry made a move on the topend, slowing to a 7.009 @ 179.04 in a defeat of John Evans Jr.


Chris Tuten legged it out on his first round solo, a 7.740 @ 186.54 to try and keep pace with front runners John Urist and John McDonald, who both advanced with 7.487 and 7.568 runs, respectively.


In Renegade, George Seeger advanced on Chad Almandinger's -.043 red light in what would have been a great race, 8.723 to 8.770.

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09-06-2009, 07:35 PM

In the final round of Factory Stock, Tommy Godfrey grabbed a slight .093 to .095 holeshot on Louis Sylvester and never looked back, again running low E.T. of the event with an 11.199 @ 118.89. Sylvester was slow at the hit and had no chance of running down Gofrey, as he slowed to an 11.756 @ 116.74.


Brandon Alsept grabbed the win in Factory Stock after Steve Gifford lit the dreaded red bulb with an -.046 reaction, although Alsept would've been hard to beat with a. .056 light and a 10.311 @ 129.37 MPH to Gifford's 10.350 @ 130.86 MPH.


Bruce Hemminger, who advanced to the final round without facing an opponent all day, grabbed the win in Real Street in an great final with Tim Matherly. Hemminger grabbed a slight .037 to .043 holeshot on Matherly who stood his ride way up on the launch and appeared to be pulling on Bruce until a backfire near the half track marker, trailing closely at the finish, 9.537 to 9.530.

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09-06-2009, 10:58 PM
Semifinal, Final, and Post-race videos are online here (http://www.stangtv.com/forum/nmra-columbus-2009-coverage-5833-3.html#post10087).