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07-18-2009, 09:26 AM
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The biggest race of the NMRA and NMCA season is in Joliet, IL this weekend for the Superbowl. Both series will run their own separate race and then winners from each race at the end of the weekend will battle each other for supreme bragging rights. Check back all weekend for great coverage!This race as well as all powerTV events is being brought to you by www.sctflash.com (http://www.sctflash.com)


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Weekend Videos
Qualifying Round 1 - Part 1 - Factory Stock, Pure Street, Real Street, Hot Street (http://video.stangtv.com/video/10082)
Qualifying Round 1 - Part 2 - Drag Radial and EFI Renegade (http://video.stangtv.com/video/10083)
Qualifying Round 1 - Part 3 - Super Street Outlaw and Pro Outlaw 10.5 (http://video.stangtv.com/video/10084)
Mike Murillo Interview - We have a chat with Mike Murillo about his last two wins and how SCT Performance has helped him to get there. (http://video.stangtv.com/video/10081)

07-18-2009, 09:27 AM
Here in sunny and cool Chicago the pits are packed with cars and vendors! There are heads up card parked a half mile from the starting with so many cars in the pits. Looks like this Super Bowl will bigger then last years. Cars are already going down the track in the first test session and first round of qualifying will be at 3 pm central time.


Even though tech worked most of the day yesterday they still have a back log of cars to get finished.



Brad Medlock and John Kolivas are here running Super Street Outlaw with there Mickey Thompson radials on and smaller turbos. Sounds like there was an issue with the radials they showed up on so they are working on getting some 275 radials mounted up now.



Both of the Bridge Racing Mustang have made the trip to Joliet. Sonny Biggs will be racing the white Mustang and Marvin Bridge will be driving the red Stang. Rumor has it that Marvin has been bitten by the racing bug and Joey may have lost his drivers seat. Joey is still stuck in Australia for now. Let’s hope the guys can put another car together and Marvin and Joey will have a 2 car father and son team.


Bruce is here in his Real Street car and everything under the hood still looks the same. But the word is he will have a modular supercharged combo coming very soon.


The Modular Depot crew is here in full force with FS, PS, RS and SSO class cars along with their dyno and parts.


Amy Sherwin is here making her return to Pure Street racing.



Hank Hill is over making some clutch adjustments on Dewayne James Pro 10.5 car. Dewayne sold his SSO car and is focusing on Pro 10.5 now.