View Full Version : Saturday Morning Milan Update

NMRA Jason
06-13-2009, 06:15 AM

In only his second race as a competitor in the BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial class, Dave Guy is already making waves. He hired three-time class champion John Kolivas to come in this weekend to help him with the details, and true to form, Kolivas has turned up the wick. Guy ran an 8.06 at 169mph in last night’s second qualifying session, and is poised to run even better today.


A few weeks ago, we had a conversation with Chris Tuten regarding the state of affairs in the ProCharger Super Street Outlaw class. At the time, Tuten hadn’t been able to lay down any solid passes during NMRA competition, but he had discovered promising results in testing at his local South Carolina track. He assured us (in his typical understated Tuten way) that he wouldn’t rest until he was able to run the number. Yesterday, Tuten put all of that to rest, as his 7.46 at 193.22 has him sitting on the ladder in the second qualifying position prior to this morning’s final session.


Jim St. Charles, a relative newcomer to the ACT Factory Stock class, has been working hard on getting the 275/50/15 Drag Radial tire to work for him. His Modular combination propelled him to a stout 11.26 yesterday, with a whopping 122mph trap speed. Will he be able to unseat Tommy Godfrey when things are all said and done tonight?


At the season-opening Bradenton race, 2008 Turbonetics Pro Outlaw 10.5 champ Conrad Scarry gave everyone a serious scare when he put his 200mph machine on the roof and into both walls. However, there’s no quit in his team, as they had procured another chassis by that following Monday, and have spent the last two months swapping over all of the running gear from the old car. While the new car isn’t completely sorted out yet, they did manage to squeeze a 7.20 at only 163 mph in last night’s session.