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10-03-2008, 03:29 PM
Friday coverage thread


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It is a beautiful day here in Bowling Green. The weather for the weekend is going to be in the low 80s and sunny. This will be the last race of the 2008 NMRA racing season. The run for the points chase in many classes will be decided this weekend.



Here is a face we havenít seen around in awhile. Mike Murillo is back with his Pro Outlaw Mustang. One thing you will notice is the turbos have been moved from the back to the front of the car. Mike has not made a race since Georgia. The Mustang with the front facing turbos, has been back together for two months now and has been doing some eighth mile testing in Dallas. He wasnít going to run a race until he was satisfied with his times. We will be keeping an eye on him all weekend.


Super Street Outlaw AJ Powell was in the pit warming up his engine. He has some newly installed tires. AJ sits in second place in points right behind 2007 Super Street Outlaw champion, John Urist.


Pro Outlaw and Super Bowl winner Ron Lummus is here running Pro Outlaw once again. The Garrett Mustang is setup to run a slew of classes in different series. NMCA Super Street champion Jim Blair calls him a "Traitor".


2007 Drag Radial Champion John Kolivas has the Drag Radial championship rapped up for the 2008 season. This will be Kolivas' last race as a NMRA Drag Radial Racer. Though two racers that are in a battle for second is Tony Akins and Joey Bridge. Only 30 points separate the two.


Tony had the motor out for the first time since Milan of 2007. The motor has been freshened up with new head gaskets. Tony was also suffering from a down track surging problem that has since been fixed.


This is a local race for Joey Bridge. He recently drove 8 hours for two runs on his new transmission and converter combination. Joey currently holds the drag radial record at a 8.02. He feels very confident that he can run a 7 this weekend if the track can hold it. Joey will receive a bonus from BF Goodrich if he can break the 7 second barrier and back it up. After the race this weekend he will swap the turbo to a 94mm and run Super Street in Memphis next week for the NMCA Finals.[/quote]