View Full Version : Saturday Bits from the Pits

10-06-2007, 05:50 PM
By Greg and Jason

Another picture-perfect day here in Kentucky, and we saw some fast, fast passes, promising a killer day of eliminations tomorrow. Here’s a few highlights from trackside and the pits:
All season long, we haven’t seen a single turbocharged DiabloSport Pro 5.0 car, and this weekend we have two at Bowling Green. Both Steve Matusek and Dan Saitz have brought their ’05-bodied Mustangs to race. While Saitz has struggled a little bit to figure out the track, Matusek has his chassis builder, Larry Larson, on site to figure out the 4-link suspension. Larson has the twin-turbocharged, 5.4 Modular-motored monster working hard, as evidenced by the quickest Pro 5.0 pass in history, a 6.54 at 215.48 mph, out of only 323 cubic inches of VT Competition Engines power.
Yesterday we brought you Jarrett Halfacre’s 7.431 at 198.23 mph, and we talked about how we were looking for the very first 200 mph pass in MSD Ignition Super Street Outlaw history. Well, today, Don Burton came out in the second round of qualifying with his Fulton nitrous-motivated 498-inch monster, and made a 7.436 at 199.23 mph hit. Of course as we entered the third round of qualifying, the sun started to go down, and the track was working better and better. Halfacre came to town, and stepped up the stakes even more, making a 7.424 pass at 199.58 mph! Burton, on the other hand, seemed to burn it up on his third pass, with a puff and an early shutdown.
Of course, since the cars in the third round seemed to be hooking and booking, we were looking to see someone in Edelbrock Hot Street reset the record yet again. Well, as he has been all season long, Ben Mens stepped up to the plate. He didn’t just run a little bit quicker than the record; he completely shattered the Hot Street record, laying down a crushing 8.74 at 154.21 mph. So, what does this mean for Hot Street? Will he be able to back it up tomorrow? Will he run even quicker?
While an occasional breeze cooled us off trackside today, it’s hard to avoid roasting in the lanes while you’re waiting your turn at the line. Roush Performance Mod Muscle regular Brandon “Big Baller” Peterson decided to stay cool in the staging lanes by dropping trou. Without a doubt a classy look, but hopefully one that doesn’t catch on.
Former ProCharger EFI/Renegade Champion Scott Lovell is on the property, again behind the wheel of Charlie Nawrot’s Renegade ride as he was in Joliet. The new Infinium wrap on the car suggests that Lovell’s driving gig might be more permanent than originally thought. Lovell is currently 14th on the ladder, with an 8.96 at 153 mph
Tim Matherly is sitting at the top of the heap in 5.0 Magazine Real Street with a record-shattering 9.73 at 139.60 mph. Matherly has made two qualifying passes this weekend in the .70’s at 139 mph. His nitrous-assisted rival Bruce Hemminger is qualified a tenth and a half behind at only 136 mph. We suspect that Hemminger is playing his cards close to his vest and will have some left in the bag for tomorrow’s eliminations.
As you may have read on the message board, BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial racer Chris Tuten has struck a deal with ProCharger for the 2008 season. We can confirm that as fact, as his crew is already flying the ProCharger colors with both his crew and his car wearing the ProCharger logo.

And with that, we head back to the hotel to dream of records broken and championships won tomorrow… See you in the AM!