View Full Version : Saturday Morning Update

10-06-2007, 06:08 AM
Coming up on 8am here at Beech Bend, and today looks like it's gonna be even better than yesterday - not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature is a nice 64 degrees. The National Weather Service is predicting blue skies and a high of 91 today, so we're looking forward to plenty of shorts and halter tops.

Also, in non-creepy-old-man-related news, the live timing system (http://livetiming.sagera.com/promedia/) should be up and running today for those of you unfortunate enough to not be here. Overnight, the Beech Bend crew scraped the track from the water box all the way out past the 60-foot, so we should see the same level of hook today as we did in yesterday's first qualifying session. We're expecting a few more cars to take hits today, but we've already got excellent car counts - standouts include Tremec Pure Street with 16, Edelbrock Hot Street at 14, MSD Ignition Super Street Outlaw with 13, and a whopping 17 racers already in the field for ProCharger EFI Renegade.