View Full Version : Friday Bits from the Pits

10-05-2007, 04:55 PM
By Paul, Jason, and Greg

It’s been a great day of drag racing here in Bowling Green today – the moisture stayed in the air where it belongs, instead of coming down in the form of precipitation. Though it’s been a little unconfortable and sticky, it’s better than the alternative, and we’re expecting more of the same tomorrow and Sunday. Here’s a little bit of what’s been going down:
Those of you who have been following the board know that 5.0 Magazine Real Street racer Bruce Hemminger had close encounter of the guardrail kind in testing just before this weekend’s finals. A new door here, a stack of UPR decals there, and he’s back in action and ready to take a shot at the championship. With one round of qualifying done, Hemminger is in third with a 9.913 at 136.52mph.
In a show of strength after his Columbus victory, Jarrett Halfacre came out here to Bowling Green to make a statement, and make a statement he did, with the fastest pass ever in MSD Ignition Super Street Outlaw history, a 7.431 at 198.23 mph. Will we see the first ever 200mph pass in SSO history this weekend? And, for that matter, just how fast can Halfacre go? We’ve heard rumors of 7.39 in testing. Today it was relatively hot and humid, so if the weather conditions improve, anything is possible. If this keeps up, it’s going to be impossible to convince him to finally pound out those dents and repaint the car…
Debuting a brand-new graphics scheme from Phil at Rage Wraps, Jim Monson is testing out a few new theories in his Vortech Outlaw 10.5W car. Seems he was on the phone to a top-secret “friend” who gave him a few tips, and Monson responded with a 7.25 at 201.58 mph, netting him the top spot in Outlaw 10.5W. This car MUST be seen to be believed, as the graphics scheme that Phil dreamed up is simply insane. As Monson told us, “It’s just a big sticker, but I think it’s badass!” We’d have to agree after having the opportunity to see it up close and personal.
When we stopped by ProCharger EFI Renegade racer Mike Catapano’s pits this morning, we found him thrashing under his car. Apparently when he cranked up the boost in testing, they realized his converter wasn’t right for it. He finished the job in time for first round of qualifying, where he and Greg Price lined up to settle some online smack talk. At the top end of the track, Catapano crossed first with an 8.91 to Price’s 9.02.
In the first round of qualifying, Tommy “The Tominator” Godfrey came out and ran a HUGE number. His 11.33 at over 119 mph is the quickest and fastest a pushrod has even run in the class. Big numbers from the rookie show that he wants that championship something fierce. Who says pushrods can’t hang with the Modulars in K&N Filters Factory Stock?
Factory Stock racer Brian Marr showed up with something a little different. After running a 4-valve all season, the Factory Stock ranks were buzzing that Marr had swapped to 2-valve Modular motor and put a roll cage in search of .30’s. Hopefully all their hard work between races will pay off this weekend.

That’s it for today… Check back tomorrow for more Bits from the Pits here at the NMRA World Finals!