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08-14-2007, 10:19 AM
Trying something a little different this time...

Diablo Sport Pro 5.0 Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/3/Tony Bischoff/ 6.685/193.16/202.52
2/1051/Tim Essick/ 7.454/199.02/199.02
3/1343/Mike Bavlsir/ 9.011/134.87/134.87
4/1/Michael Hauf/ 9.363/ 99.08/ 99.08

MSD Super Street Outlaw Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/1/John Urist/ 7.488/193.07/193.07
2/2151/Don Burton/ 7.525/184.37/184.37
3/3/Samuel Vincent/ 7.606/155.42/155.42
4/2/Phil Hines/ 7.609/190.54/190.54
5/10/Manny Buginga/ 7.699/166.70/166.70
6/2143/Yanni Papakosmas/ 7.728/190.73/190.73
7/2152/Mike Trimandilis/ 7.738/188.89/188.89
8/8/Zack Posey/ 7.758/183.27/183.27
9/4/Billy Laskowski/ 7.76O/180.84/180.84
10/2157/Jarrett Halfacre/ 7.811/177.98/181.64
11/6/AJ Powell/ 7.822/177.00/177.00
12/2031/Bryan Sorby/ 7.826/179.76/179.76
13/2141/Dwayne James/ 8.246/137.60/137.60
14/2221/Perry Santini/ 8.846/130.19/130.19

Pro Charger EFI Renegade Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/1/Brian Mitchell/ 8.627/157.96/157.96
2/4014/Bart Tobener/ 8.696/153.68/153.68
3/3/Aaron Stapleton/ 8.736/157.80/157.80
4/5/George Seeger/ 8.769/156.68/156.68
5/4427/Larry Hourcle/ 8.826/154.71/154.71
6/4401/Chris VanGilder/ 8.922/154.05/154.05
7/4113/Randy King/ 8.951/152.92/152.92
8/4121/Jason Geroulo/ 8.974/156.46/156.46
9/4116/Sal Arena/ 8.982/153.37/153.37
10/4118/Brian Tuten/ 9.057/128.74/128.74
11/4571/Bryan Edmisson/ 9.115/134.78/146.61
12/4084/John Keller/ 9.18O/152.57/152.57
13/4254/Chris Beary/ 9.293/146.89/146.89
14/10/Brent Weston/ 9.534/110.81/110.81
15/4200/Steve Seidel/11.372/ 86.87/ 86.87
16/4107/Tony Orts/14.927/ 60.87/ 60.87

Edelbrock Hot Street Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/3117/Mike DeMayo/ 8.779/151.43/151.43
2/3195/Justin Curry/ 8.799/154.26/154.26
3/3335/Robert Blankenship/ 8.800/153.72/153.72
4/3398/Charlie Booze JR./ 8.801/153.84/153.84
5/3148/Ben Mens/ 8.838/153.70/153.70
6/3088/Andy Schmidt/ 8.847/153.47/153.47
7/2/Bob Hanlon/ 8.859/153.30/153.30
8/3104/David Murray/ 8.866/153.46/153.46
9/3019/Mike Curcio/ 8.904/153.30/153.30
10/3/Max Gross/ 9.466/143.57/143.57
11/3707/Rick Riccardi/ 9.471/144.18/144.18
12/3248/Greg Van Hekle/ 9.725/139.34/139.34

BFG Tires Drag Radial Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/1/John Kolivas/ 8.096/176.35/176.35
2/6/Chris Tuten/ 8.194/176.49/176.49
3/10041/Chris Evans/ 8.268/174.59/174.59
4/9/Tony Akins/ 8.356/172.14/172.14
5/10627/Enzo Pecchini/ 8.609/168.83/168.96
6/10330/Joshua Klugger/ 8.624/160.67/160.67
7/10134/Kevin Fiscus/ 8.863/173.90/173.90
8/10050/Frank Provenza/ 8.907/165.42/165.42
9/10131/Pete Johnson/ 9.36O/156.37/156.37
10/10126/Keith McLaughlin/ 9.398/131.84/158.24

5.0 Magazine Real Street Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/2/Tim Matherly/ 9.795/137.06/137.06
2/3/Bruce Hemminger/ 9.854/134.52/135.54
3/4/Jim Breese/ 9.876/ 0.00/136.95
4/8444/Michael Washington/ 9.917/135.80/135.80
5/8091/Joey Taylor/10.065/134.31/134.31
6/8098/Don Bosley/10.193/133.39/133.39
7/7/Paul Alfeo/10.524/129.83/129.83
8/8057/Mike Dezotell/11.393/ 99.13/ 99.13

Tremec Pure Street Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/2/Brad Meadows/10.34O/131.74/131.74
2/4/Victor Downs/10.341/132.63/132.63
3/7/Jimmy Wilson/10.367/130.59/130.59
4/6/Teddy Weaver/10.436/129.19/129.19
5/5134/Scott Barker/10.444/131.05/131.05
6/5137/Jon Green/10.674/124.89/125.95
7/5089/Ron Cullember/11.423/103.05/103.05
8/3/Ryan Hecox/11.804/ 83.60/ 88.65

K&N Factory Stock Q3
Position/Car #/Driver Name/ET/MPH/Fastest MPH
1/2/Jeffery Schmell/11.473/117.69/117.69
2/4/Steve Gifford/11.496/118.71/119.05
3/6699/Tommy Godfrey/11.523/116.59/116.59
4/6/Jonathan Paulk/11.568/115.69/115.69
5/10/Alan Cann/11.664/114.67/114.79
6/6129/Dennis Merrow/11.766/115.19/115.19
7/6062/Carlos Sobrino/11.774/114.45/114.45
8/6134/Louis Sylvester/11.826/114.50/114.50
9/3/Eric Holliday/11.854/115.81/115.81
10/6117/Brian Marr/11.983/115.72/115.72
11/6167/Rick Walsh/12.029/112.56/112.56
12/6018/Charlie Rankin/12.404/110.25/110.25
13/6168/Gary Cranford/13.226/104.20/104.20
14/6158/Jeremy Taylor/25.024/ 42.53/ 42.53

08-15-2007, 04:53 AM
What about M/M, O/C and truck??

08-15-2007, 09:18 AM
Working on that... We had to pull the heads-up quals from the Sagera system, but it's not set up to handle qualifying by R/T yet, so those three classes will have to be the traditional Web 0.1 photos-on-a-wooden-table.

08-15-2007, 07:53 PM
Working on that... We had to pull the heads-up quals from the Sagera system, but it's not set up to handle qualifying by R/T yet, so those three classes will have to be the traditional Web 0.1 photos-on-a-wooden-table.

Hell thats just fine with me!! just trying to figure how much ground i lost in the points battle from Atco:( ...................A.Andy