View Full Version : Bits from the Pits - Saturday

07-21-2007, 06:06 PM
By Jason and Paul

Our ProMedia team is based in SoCal, so we’re spoiled when it comes to good weather, but even by our snooty standards, today was absolutely beautiful, and a bunch of Chicago-area fans turned out to watch the final round of qualifying and opening round of eliminations. Here’s some highlights…
During the race break between Milan and the Super Bowl, it’s apparent that Edelbrock Hot Street racer Ben Mens and Mike DeMayo Sr. have been busy. Not only have they solidified their partnership by putting a new set of decals on the car - they’ve been running low, low 8.80’s like a bracket car, and Mens put David Murray onto the trailer in round one with an insane 8.80 at 158.00 MPH.
BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial is turning into a battle of the fittest here at Route 66. In round one of eliminations, all three winners sported one common theme under the hood – a turbocharger. At the end of the round, there was another common bond between the three, as all ran deep into the 8-teen zone. John Kolivas posted an 8.15 at over 173 mph, Kevin Fiscus snapped off an 8.10 at 177, and Chris Tuten finally managed to get down the track cleanly, carding an 8.16 at over 174 mph. Tomorrow should be interesting in Drag Radial, as both Tuten and Kolivas told us that they will be wining the championship this season. Somehow we don’t think Fiscus will just sit back and let them decide it between themselves, though.
One scary incident marred an otherwise perfect day of racing – During the final round of MSD Ignition SSO qualifying, a broken fuel line set fire to Christian Helms’ ’89 Mustang at the top end of the track. Fortunately, thanks to Helms’ fast reactions and cool head, he escaped with only minor burn injuries, but the car suffered extensive damage.
Once again, Jack Roush is the official Grand Marshal for the Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing this year. Though a largely honorary position, the title does confer upon Mr. Roush the authority to perform marriages and adjudicate disputes involving royal lines of succession. Seriously, though, in addition to watching his family and friends race, he spent a lot of time with his admirers signing autographs and taking pictures today.
In a season marked by a run of bad luck, defending SSO champ John Urist caught a mixed bag today. The bad news was that another burned piston in the third round of qualifying meant he wouldn’t be at 100-percent for the opening round of eliminations, while the good news was that his opponent for that round was his teammate, Dwayne James, who declined to bring his car up, meaning that Urist had only to stage the car to advance. The good/bad news is that the two of them and the rest of the Hellion team get to spend tonight thrashing on Urist’s car to get ready to face AJ Powell tomorrow.

That will wrap it up for today – we’ll be back tomorrow bright and early to bring you more coverage from Route 66.