View Full Version : Silver Dollar Bits from the Pits - Friday

03-30-2007, 07:08 PM
By Jason and Greg

The Seventh Annual Bassani Xhaust NMRA Ford Nationals are off to a flying start at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, Georgia, and we’ve got some of the details from Friday’s early round of qualifying right here…
For the second race in a row, John Urist finds himself with an empty engine bay on Friday afternoon. According to the 2006 SSO champ, “With the added weight we were required to put on the car over the winter, we’ve burnt the engine up twice now trying to run it. We didn’t change a single thing from last year, but the weight just seems to be killing us.” Right now he’s in the process of tearing the engine down to replace the burnt piston in an effort to be ready for tomorrow’s qualifying.
After a season spent trying to “keep up with the Booze Brothers” in Edelbrock Hot Street, Randy Henry has decided that he’s going to return to the Detroit Locker Truck & Lightning class where he made his mark on the NMRA. The Bennett bullet in the Hayhauler is working flawlessly, but the time off must have taken a toll on the torque converter as we caught Henry under the ’66 pulling the transmission.
Speaking of Truck & Lightning, “Captain” Keith Kohlmann showed up on the property this morning after being a no-show at the previous round in Bradenton. According to him, he’s here testing before the NMCA season opener. We find that a bit hard to swallow, since if he is testing for the NMCA, he brought the wrong truck. No matter what his reasons for being here, he was able to snag the number one spot after one round of qualifying with a .003-second reaction time.
In 5.0 Magazine Real Street, Tim Matherly jumped to the early pole position, with a record-eclipsing 9.83 at 137.40 mph. All it’s going to take is a 9.934 or quicker to back it up and make it official. With two more rounds of qualifying, and eliminations on Sunday, you’d be a fool to bet against it.
After a stellar off-the-trailer performance in Bradenton, SSO racer Yanni “SuperGreek” Papakosmas made an incredible pass in testing, going 7.61 while clicking it off early, as evidenced by his low trap speed. Unfortunately for SuperGreek, he had to click it off in the first round of quals as well, running a 7.928 at just 148 mph.
In another amazing test-n-tune performance, Mike Curcio made a blazing 8.66-second Hot Street pass. We were unable to confirm whether or not he was at legal weight when he made the hit, but it was still an amazing thing to watch, regardless.

That’s it for today – check in again tomorrow for more breaking news from Silver Dollar!