View Full Version : Bradenton Bits from the Pits - Saturday

03-10-2007, 06:12 PM
Welcome to the Saturday edition of Bits from the Pits. We’ve got some familiar faces back in the game, new players on the scene, shattered records, and a big payday to tell you about, so let’s get started.

One of the original superstars of the Pro 5.0 movement has returned to the NMRA. JR Granatelli of Granatelli Motor Sports has received the opportunity to drive a MSD Super Street Outlaw racecar tuned by Bob Kurgan and owned by Ralph Morkvenas. The car is currently outfitted with a 91mm turbocharger and 347-inch powerplant. Granatelli is still working out the kinks, and the team is currently qualified with an 8.05 at 180.36 mph.

Another car out of the Kurgan Motorsports camp is newcomer Chris Beary. Running alongside Kurgan in ProCharger EFI Renegade, Beary has struggled with the new car blues so far this weekend. The combination is clean and simple, and the car is beautiful. Under the tutelage of Kurgan we’re sure this car will be a player in no time at all.

After weeks of internet rumors and speculation about what would be under the hood of their Tremec Pure Street car after a long winter of testing, Mike and John Tymensky showed up with the same exact combination that left Bowling Green as the fastest-ever Modular-powered Pure Street car. John told us “The Sullivan single-plane intake made more power, but unfortunately for us it didn’t make enough power to offset the additional weight we would have to carry with it under the hood.” So the FR500 intake remains, and Tymensky catapulted into the third qualified spot with a 10.44.

BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial has officially become an eight-oh class. No sooner had Chris Tuten set an new ET record – he ran an 8.07 and an 8.05 today, backed up by last night’s 8.08 – than John Kolivas ripped off an 8.04 and backed it up with another 8.04 to earn the record. Will we see a seven tomorrow? If so, from who? It’s a safe bet to say it’ll come from a turbo combination.

In the Vortech Shootout, it came down to the 2006 DiabloSport Pro 5.0 Champion Mike Hauf versus the 2006 Rookie of the Year Tony Bischoff. Pulling up to the line, both drivers were guaranteed at least an extra $2,000 in their pocket. As the lights came down, Hauf took a big shot at the tree, and came within five thousandths of a second of a redlight that would have cost him three grand. At the stripe, Hauf’s killer .005 light would be his payday, as Bischoff ran quicker and faster but couldn’t make up the disparity in reaction times. If Hauf is able to win tomorrow, not only will he have broken Bischoff’s winning streak in regular competition, but he’ll take home an extra $10,000 in prize money for winning both the Shootout and the regular competition.

Straying from the normal, “stuff that fell out of race cars,” we bring you, “Track workers carrying shovels full of burning rubber.” This is what happens when you have three oildowns in one day – you gotta torch it, scrape it, and start all over. While it gives us magazine guys a chance to go sit in the air-conditioned tower and take a nap while they clean it up, it sucks for those still in the lanes. There’s no diaper rule on the radar just yet, but you can bet that a lot of racers today wish that everybody else had to run them.

That’s it for today’s Bits from the Pits. We’ll be back tomorrow with more action from eliminations, and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed – it’s daylight savings time again!