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07-30-2006, 09:11 PM
July 30, 2006
By Jason, and Paul

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/roush.jpgEliminations Day at Route 66 was kicked off by none other than our Grand Marshall Jack Roush himself, on hand to watch the six cars the Roush team had in competition this weekend. Though best known nowadays for his NASCAR team, Roush started his motorsports career in drag racing, and still is an enthusiastic supporter of straight line racing.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/gorilla.jpgWe dodged a bullet today when the rainstorms that hit the surrounding area only grazed us, but the cloud cover and stiff breeze were a welcome relief from the heat and humidity. The Motive Gear Gorilla seemed to be angered by the change in the weather, though, and turned on the unsuspecting crowd.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/bearing.jpgToday's “guess where this came from” photo is courtesy of MSD SSO racer Billy Laskowsky, who had an engine failure cost him the final round against John Urist. Give up? It's a cam bearing, and surprisingly little oil escaped with it, though we suspect that this block is another write-off for Laskowski, who seems to have found his stride over the last two races at the expense of a lot of torn-up parts.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/Hecox.jpgFactory Stock competitor last season, Pure Street competitor this season, Ryan Hecox has been working hard on his program all summer long, and it shows. A semifinal appearance against Brad Meadows resulted in a loss, but it's only a matter of time before he wins a final round.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/Macdonnell.jpgLocal Chicagoland resident and music superstar Kid Rock was here on the grounds for the Super Bowl this weekend. Anyone who's attended the World Ford Challenge recently will remember the “Purple Pimp” and “Sumo Sid”. It's really Tony McDonnell, working as a crew member for wife and True Street competitor MaryAnne Parker, and he's good for a few personalities each year. As usual, the outfit was too good to ignore, so Tony was kind enough to pose for us.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/Urist.jpgThe man, the myth, the legend. Former Super Street Outlaw World Champion John Urist strapped in, cinched tight, and proceeded to go out and take the win against Billy Laskowsky on the biggest stage of the season, running with bracket-like 7.60's consistency all weekend long. Something to consider - Urist didn't even arrive at the track on Saturday until just before the third round of qualifying.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/Hemminger.jpgIn the very first all-nitrous final in Real Street since 2004, Bruce Hemminger laid the smackdown on Mark Magnuson from the moment the tree dropped. The JPC teammates laid waste to the competition all weekend long, and Hemminger was the only racer to even break into the nines here at Route 66.