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07-29-2006, 09:49 PM
Bits from the Pits - Saturday, July 29, 2006
By Jake, Jason, and Paul

Another great day here at Route 66 - Hot, of course, but that didn't keep our racers from pulling out all the stops in the final round of qualifying and the first round of eliminations. Though there was a bit of a pause in the action while some issues with the timing system got sorted out early in the elimination round, all things (specifically, more doorslammer drag cars than have ever been assembled in one place before) considered things went quite well. Here's a few things that you missed if you weren't here:

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/tbird.jpgIn yesterday's qualifying, DiabloSport Pro 5.0 racer Steve Malcom actually blew his own door off at triple-digit speeds, losing the passenger side at the thousand-foot mark. Overnight, repairs were effected at a local body shop and Malcom was back in action in time for the third round of qualifying this morning.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/gene.jpgWhen he's not keeping the races running on time, soothing drivers with an axe to grind, and riding herd on the NMRA race staff, Gene Bergstrom finds the time to fight backfires with his bare hands.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/sutton.jpgFor all you ProCharger EFI Renegade fans, the modular-powered Sutton High- Performance machine was able to hold their number one qualifying position with an awesome 8.56 at 160 mph, which they ran yesterday in the second round of qualifying. Some may say their combo has an advantage, but that kind of time in the heat and humidity is a very impressive feat nonetheless. According to Sutton's Aaron Stapleton, “It's not like we just built a Mod motor and went Renegade racing. It took many late nights of R&D and hard work to get where we are.”

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/trimandilis.jpgMSD Super Street Outlaw star Mike “Punk” Trimandilis found himself in the pits before eliminations on Saturday afternoon, changing out the transmission in his ProCharger-blown GT. Punk struggled to find the 7.60 performances that he had been carding in Michigan, and hopes the new transmission will cure his blues.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/kinnando.jpgWe have another correction to make - Race Pages editor emeritus Rob Kinnan was not DQ'ed yesterday, though he did inadvertently run in the wrong Open Comp qualifying session. Instead, he went out in the first round today on a redlight. We still love you though, Rob!

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/washington.jpgFor the first time in well over a year, a pushrod combination qualified at the top of the ladder in K&N Factory Stock. None other than former class champ Mike Washington was the man to do it, and he credits extensive testing and careful parts selection as the main reasons why. An 11.76 at 115.57 mph was the result of all his hard work.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/hemminger.jpgNitrous rules the roost again! After much rules debate, the NMRA's 5.0 Mustang Real Street class seems to be enjoying a resurgency. Bruce Hemminger, driving his familiar white nitrous oxide-equipped '86, took the top qualifying spot with a 9.998 at 133.98 mph in the 100 degree heat.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/hanlon.jpgThe heat took its toll on everyone in the Edelbrock Hot Street class. A stick-equipped, 363-inch, Trick Flow-headed gray and black '83 took top honors, and behind the wheel was the Bangin' One himself, Bob Hanlon. It looks like all of the hard work he put into the car over the offseason was well worth the effort, as he qualified ahead of Charlie Booze Jr. by two thousandths of a second.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/meyer.jpgOut of retirement, with a brand-new, freshly delivered, MCRP 358-inch engine in his ProCharged '90 Mustang, Ohio's Trace Meyer finished out the qualifying rounds in BFGoodrich Tire Drag Radial with an 8.43 at 164.37, landing him in the eighth spot on nothing more than shakedown passes.

That's it for now. We're out of here for tonight, but there's more to come in the big showdown tomorrow.