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06-18-2006, 09:36 PM
A few final tidbits from the pits to tide you over until the final round videos and race wrap are up...

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/sunbigdaddy.jpgDrag Radial pioneer "Big Daddy" Dwayne Gutridge, was present, accounted for, and getting his hands dirty on Sunday. BD's protege Alex Vrettos exploded a turbocharger, borrowed one from John Kolivas, and recruited the Big One himself to help install it and get back into competition.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/sunprovenza.jpgCatching some relief from the heat in the tower on Sunday afternoon, eating French fries and hanging with the boys, was none other than Chip Provenza's young son. When we asked him about the progress on Dad's new '03 Drag Radial car, all we got was this thumbs-up in return.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/sunjohnson.jpgThe heat and humidity got to everyone this weekend. With mid-90-degree temperatures and 200% humidity, people were dropping like flies. DiabloSport's Chris Johnson takes a quick power nap around 2 PM, just before the semi-finals.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/sunwalsh.jpgDon Walsh Jr. won this semi-final round against Mike Hauf when Hauf lit the red bulb, but it was a Pyhrric victory (look it up - we'll wait.) Massive tire shake was hard enough to pop the door open and break the transmission. The car, unfortunately, could not be repaired in time for the final with Chuck DeMory, and Walsh took the loss. Mike Wesley tells us that they had the transmission out twice in the frantic thrash before the final round and still aren't sure exactly what went wrong.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/sunjohnsoncar.jpgThe BFGoodrich Tires Factory Stock class was taking its toll on the competitors all weekend long. Shawn Johnson replaced the clutch three times during the course of the weekend, and got lucky against Jeff Schmell in the final round. Schmell redlit, and handed the win to Shawn, negating the fact that Johnson blew up the clutch shifting into third gear in the final.

That's it for now - check back tomorrow for the weekend wrapup.