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06-16-2006, 04:33 PM
The 22nd Annual Toyo Tires NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals opened today at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania with first round qualifying action. The weather couldn't be nicer, but with temperatures in the mid-eighties and forecasted to rise over the weekend, most racers were hedging their bets today, figuring that their best shot a the top of the qualifying ladder would happen sooner, rather than later. Here's a few tidbits from the pits and beyond:

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http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/fribeer.jpgVideo guy Kevin McIntosh discovers that A) whoever had the room at the Ramada before he and Editor Paul Huizenga checked in liked Bud, and B) the housekeeping staff apparently doesn't.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/friproto.jpgMSD Super Street Outlaw racer Lou Proto thinks he has finally solved his problems of the last few seasons. In the past, he's had some difficulty getting the nitrous to flow to his Kuntz and Co.-built Windsor, but he refused to tell us what he had learned. "All I'll say is that it's made me a smarter racer," he told the RP staff.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/fridemayo.jpgSurprisingly, and unexpectedly, Mike DeMayo Jr. was behind the wheel of the family Edelbrock Hot Street ride. Mike Sr. had piloted the car in Georgia, but Jr. was back behind the wheel to the tune of a 9.07 at 144.86 mph in round one of qualifying.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/fridoyle.jpgChad Doyle cranked off the fastest pass ever in BFGoodrich Tires Drag Radial in the first round. An 8.13 at 172.65 mph bested the rest of the field in qualifying by over two tenths, and his supercharged LX looks poised to take charge for the weekend. It will be interesting to see if he can back it up as the mercury rises tomorrow.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/friurist.jpgWas John Urist's 196 mph really a fluke in Georgia (and again at WFC)? The SSO racer followed it up here in PA with a 7.59 at 190.14 qualifying time in worse conditions than those he faced in Georgia. We're guessing that's not a full-on pass, and everyone is anxious to see what the rest of the weekend brings.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/fridemory.jpgToday's qualifying was tough on the Diablosport Pro 5.0 guys. Exhibit A is Chuck DeMory's weaving pass that took him across the line and through the half-track reflectors. No real damage, and David Schorr in the other lane was able to back down and stay clear of the incident.

http://promediapub.com/filehost/files/3/frihauf.jpgExhibit B is Michael Hauf's drift towards the wall, captured both here in still frames and up close and personal (a little too close for comfort, actually) by videographer McIntosh, stationed near the 330-foot mark. Again, no harm, no foul as Hauf kept the car clear of the wall. Check out today's video highlights to see it for yourself.