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Mike Galimi
05-04-2014, 02:52 PM
Race Wrap And Final Eliminations Results

After weeks of buildup, the NMRA’s appointment with the incredible racing surface at Royce and Jason Miller’s incredible Maryland International Dragway surface is complete. The Miller family and their team put an absolute ton of effort into providing the best racing surface possible for the NMRA’s competitors, and the results showed with three significant milestones falling on this weekend.

In ATF Speed Street Outlaw, Dwayne Barbaree put down a 6.97 to break the six-second barrier and qualify at the top of the field, with John Urist right behind him on a side-by-side six-second blast during qualifying. In eliminations, Barbaree was up in smoke and out in the second round, with Phil Hines moving on to the final round against Urist, who took out Dan Pachar and Sean Ashe on his way there. The final round saw Hines over Urist, 7.10 to 7.17 to take home the win.

Edelbrock Renegade had Bart Tobener and a number of other competitors chasing the seven-second mark all weekend; in the end, it would be Tobener who did the deed in the semifinal round of competition with a 7.943 on his way to taking the event win over Johnny Lightning in the final round. In the process, he backed up the record by .001-second, capping a great weekend for th elongtime Renegade and Mustang racer.

In Diablosport Coyote Modified, Frank Varela continued his dominance in the young class, qualifying number one and running the bye then taking out Joe Cram to get to the final round – where he met up with Beefcake Terry Reeves. Beef didn’t need to test his equipment until the final, with a broken opponent in round one and the bye in round two. In the final, Varela lost his first event of the season, pedaling the car in his lane while Beef clicked off a strong 8.81 at 155 to take home his first Coyote Modified win.

In ACT Pure Street, only two competitors made it to the race – Teddy Weaver and Tommy Godfrey – made it to the race, with Weaver coming out on top during qualifying. In eliminations, Godfrey jumped the gun and turned on the red bulb, ending his weekend before he even crossed the starting line and handing Weaver the easy win.

Strange Engineering Coyote Stock, Presented by 5.0 Mustang Magazine, had Shane Stymiest atop the qualifying ladder in a place that’s become quite familiar to him over the last season-and-a-half. But during eliminations, Darin Hendricks advanced over Gregory Herbert, Mike Bowen, and Stymiest on his way to the final round. On the other side of the ladder, Joe Marini advanced with his bracket-like performance over Frank Brancaccio and Charlie Rankin, Jr. before taking the bye into the final. There, Marini took a huge holeshot victory when Hendricks took a nap at the tree, giving up a tenth and sending Marini to the winner’s circle.

Nitto Tire Factory Stock saw Matt Amrine run the quickest-ever ET to set the record during qualifying, then turn around and run the table on Sunday. He barely squeaked out a win over Sondra Leslie in round one, took the bye in round two, then faced off against Jay Dold in the final round. Both racers snoozed on the tree, but Amrine woke up first to outrun Dold’s Mach 1 to the finish line, 10.77 to Dold’s 10.84 losing effort.

The VMP Superchargers GT500/Terminator class ended up being the largest heads-up class of the weekend with 21 cars qualified. Scott Waters’ GT500 took the top spot during qualifying, turning in an 8.225 at nearly 170 MPH. During eliminations, he lowered ran through the field to meet up with Evolution Performance’s Nelson Whitlock. In the final round, Waters took the holeshot and proceeded to streak to the stripe for the victory, 8.35 to Whitlock’s faltering 10.77 hit.

It looks as though our prediction from yesterday’s coverage turned out to be on the mark – Susan Roush-McClenaghan and Donnie Bowles faced off in the Exedy Modular Muscle final round; McClenaghan took out former champ Gary Parker and Gary Windsor on her side of the ladder, while Bowles won over Jason Henson and Greg Durm to end up in the final. There, on a double-breakout, Susan would take the title home on the slimmest of margins, running a 9.39 on a .41 dial with Bowles going 9.82 on a .88 dial.

Detroit Locker Truck and Lightning saw Nina Gusler appear in her second final round in two events. This time, she ended up on the winning side of the equation, taking out Randy Conway when Conway took the stripe by a bit too much trying to chase her down.

In Roush Super Stang, Miles Wagoner made his way to the finals by dropping Marco Ponce, Jr. and Brenspeed teammate Kent Nine onto the trailer. The other side of the ladder had Rockin’ Al Miller eliminating John Mummery, Lloyd Mikeska, and Marvin Knack. In the final, Miller gave up nearly a full tenth on the tree, allowing Wagoner to drive the stripe for the win.

Flex A Lite Open Comp had Milton Grow and Dennis Corn in the final round. Grow advanced over Jim Johnson and Don Carver, with Corn taking out heavy hitters Randy Conway, Terry Haynal, and Bill Jones. Corn scores the win with a 9.583 on a .55 dial, with Grow losing the race on the tree by giving up a tenth there.