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NMRA Scott
10-02-2011, 05:27 PM


Mustang 64-70
Outstanding-20 Mike Golliver Alavaton, KY 1966 Mustang
Winner- 223 Robert Hess Tell City, IN 1967 Mustang
Mustang 79-93
Outstanding- 32 Becky Sampson Franklin, Ky 1979 Mustang Yellow
Winner- 83 Steve Hardaway Greenbrier, TN 1986 Mustang Red
Mustang 94-98
Outstanding- 61 Jim Pennington Franklin, NC 1995 Mustang GT Red
Winner- 7 David Smith Evansville, IN 1994 Cobra Mustang White
Mustang 99-04
Outstanding- 239 Chaney Mitchell Hickory, KY 2001 Mustang Grey
Winner- 66 Elaine Patterson BG, KY 2004 Mustang Blue
Mustang 05 - 07
Outstanding- 35 Theresa Wiehoff Alexandria, KY 2006 Mustang Black
Winner- 3 Pat Young McMinnville, TN 2005 Shelby Mustang white
Mustang 08-Current
Outstanding - 159 Ronald Ream New Freedom, PA 2009 Mustang Green
Winner - 132 Bobby Price White House, TN 2008 Mustang Green
SVT & Cobra Mustang
Outsatnding Pat Osbourne Crestwood, Ky 2003 Mustang Red
Winner- 82 Rob Giles Evansville, IN 2003 Mustang Red

Roush Mustang
Outstanding- 225 Marty Pierce Clairsville, TN 2008 Roush Mustang Blue
Winner- 19 Rocky Chambers Smyrna, TN 2008 Mustang Black

Saleen Mustang
Outstanding- 120 Terry Pelfrey Ooltewah, TN 2000 Saleen Mustang Red
Winner- 241 Angie Tyree Corbin, KY 2005 Saleen Mustang Green
Shelby & Boss
Outstanding- 130 Jeremy McCarty New Harmony, IN 2007 Mustang Red
Winner- 243 John Pitman Murfeesboro, TN 2009 Shelby 500 White
Comet, Cougar, Capri
Winner- 38 Dan Sugg Evansville, IN 1985 Mercury Cougar Black
Falcon, Fairlane, Maverick
Winner- 189 Tom Darnaby Columbus, OH 1965 Falcon Black
Outstanding- 231 Brandon Day Dale, IN 1978 Thunderbird Red
Winner- 224 Jack Claeys Bloomington, IL 1992 Thunderbird Red
Ford Full Size Cars All Years
Outstanding- 31 Kimberly Ford Woodbury, TN 1970 Torino Green
Winner- 33 Charles Blair McMinnville, TN 1964 Galaxie White
Ford Full Size Truck All Years
Outstanding- 16 Jason Ford McMinnville, TN 1994 F150 Green
Winner- 9 Brian Young Woodbury, TN 1967 F100 Red
Ford Compact Truck All Years
Winner- 201 Tony Ganno Robards, KY 1994 Ranger Green
Ford Lightning
Outstanding- 215 James Glaspie Terre Haute, IN 2000 Lightning Red
Winner- 167 Tony Carr College, Grove, TN 2000 Lightning Red
Race Car & Pro Street
Outstanding- 103 Brett Russell Columbia, KY 1965 Falcon Burgundy
Winner- 121 Jeff Ikard Toney , AL 1967 Falcon Green
Compact Ford
Winner- 200 C.J. Holcomb Prospect, KY 2008 Fusion silver
Open Ford (For Ford vehicles that do not fit into above classes)
Winner- 136 Mitchell Brewer Readyville, TN 1955 Ford Red
Special Interest
Winner 59 Carlie Blanton Woodbury, TN 2009 Shelby Mustang Pedal car

NMRA BEST OF SHOW (winner only)
153 Cathy Kirby Westmoreland, TN 1970 Mercury Cougar Orange