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10-01-2010, 10:07 AM
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We're here at scenic Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, KY for the annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals. We have nearly perfect weather in the forecast for the weekend and with several class championships on the line, it should be an exciting weekend of racing action. The pit area and vendor row are filling up quickly and Test 'n Tune is set to get underway around 11 AM. Stay tuned for coverage throughout the day and all weekend here on StangTV.


Outlaw Drag Radial racer and former multi-time NMRA Drag Radial champion John Kolivas is here testing his twin turbo mount on the eighth mile and should put on a nice show for the fans with near mid 4-second laps.


J. Myce is here all the way from Hammonton, NJ competing in the Renegade category with his new Mustang that he debuted at the recent event in Columbus. The car is powered by a 317-inch small block with a Vortech YSi-Trim supercharger. Myce crashed his Fox-body Mustang two years ago at Reynolds and has been out of action since that time rebuilding both the Fox and the constructing the new car.

10-01-2010, 12:01 PM
Test ‘n Tune Notes


Enzo Pecchini ran a slightly off pace 8.560 at 172.14 MPH.


Sean Lyon made a statement early, running a nice and straight 8.020 at 181.40 off the trailer in his sharp Drag Radial Fox-body.


Drag Radial points leader Jason Lee was on a great pass, but his car nosed over around the 1000ft mark and rolled through to an 8.202 at 142.01 MPH.


Mike Curcio made a nice 8.785 at 154.35 MPH on his first pass down the Beech Bend quarter mile.

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10-01-2010, 07:26 PM
Round One Qualifying Notes


Conrad Scarry charged his way straight to the top of the qualifying order with a 6.773 at a slowing 188.46 MPH after taking a hairy ride in the lights that saw his car pointed every way but straight before the chutes righted the ship. Meanwhile, Jim Monson, in the near lane, made his first ever six-second pass with his small block combination with a 6.948 at 201.73 to hold down the thirds spot.


Johnny Mac laid down a stout 7.286 at 193.07 that put more than a tenth on the rest of the field to open qualifying, but trailed a little smoke as he went through the lights.


Jason Lee earned a huge round of applause from the crowd here at Beech Bend, as his car continued to climb even after this shot, carrying the front end out just short of the 330-foot mark before heading for the guardrail, at which point Jason wisely lifted off the loud pedal.

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10-02-2010, 12:20 PM
Round Two Qualifying Notes



Conrad Scarry blasted to a 6.683 at a booming 220.22 MPH to put a leg up on a national record that would certainly help his championship hopes this weekend.


Jim Brown's left rear tire began going down just off the starting line, and by the time he made the turn at the top end, the car was dragging the pavement.

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10-02-2010, 01:00 PM

Sean Lyon brought a collective gasp across the Drag Radial pit area, running the quickest lap in the history of the class at 7.830 at 178.64 to solidly place himself atop the field.

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10-02-2010, 06:00 PM
Final Round Qualifying Notes


The weather conditions changed considerably from the first session this morning, with rainy overcast skies, strong winds and jacket-like col temperatures. The type of weather that makes horsepower. Conrad Scarry came to the line loaded for bear, ready to back up his earlier 6.68 for a new national record. However, his car began to step out just beyond the 60-foot mark and he chose to lift and try again tomorrow.


John Urist improved slightly upon his earlier 7.39 effort with a 7.387 at 188.91 that kept him in the third spot behind Johnny Mac and Sam Vincent.


Sean Lyon bettered his earlier all-time best run of 7.830 with an even quicker 7.825 at 179.61 to back up and improve upon his national record.

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10-02-2010, 10:26 PM
Final qualifying sheets sheets are now posted here (http://www.stangtv.com/event-coverage/nmra-events/nmra-bowling-green-finals-2010-same-day-coverage/).

10-03-2010, 09:53 AM

After two days of nearly perfect mid 70-degree weather here in Bowling Green, we’ve been greeted with rather chilly conditions this Sunday morning as the NMRA closes out the 2010 season with one final day of racing. Several championships are to be decided as the action gets underway today, and one of those will be the Hot Street chase, as Don Bowles trails points leader Charlie Booze by less than two rounds.


Jim Brown had a valve stem rip out on his left rear slick in yesterdays second qualifying session, causing the tire to go completely flat. With the inner liner changed out, Jim came out for the final session looking for a six-second run and the car just quit on him as he stuck it in second gear. Jim will square off with Jim Monson in the opening round of Outlaw 10.5 in what should be a great race given their similar performances this weekend.

Eliminations ladders are now posted.

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10-03-2010, 10:02 AM
Friday Videos

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Saturday Videos

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10-03-2010, 04:26 PM
Round Two/Semi Finals Notes


Mike Murillo used his single run into the final to his advantage, powering to a 6.96 at an early shutoff 179 MPH. In the final he will face Conrad Scarry, who disposed of Jim Brown with a national record backup run of 6.622 seconds.


Chris VanGilder made a masterful save, launching with the wheels up and getting out of the groove, nearly up on two wheels before sashaying side to side without ever making contact with the wall. Meanwhile, Brian Mitchell in the opposite lane ran low ET of the weekend at 8.373 and 164 MPH to advance into the final. There, he will meet Bart Tobner, who downed Chad Allmandinger, 8.4325 to 8.590.


With the championship race still to be decided, top qualifier John Macdonald squared off with newcomer Andrew Demarco and had his hands full, wrestling his ‘01 Mustang back into the groove the entire length of the quarter mile for a 7.64 to 7.74 win. Unfortunately for this crew that has worked all weekend – plus driving 8 hours back to Michigan for parts – the powerplant in John’s car let loose in the lights, trailing smoke through all the way through the shutdown area. To add insult to injury, the parachutes failed to blossom, sending John off the end of the racetrack into the field.

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10-04-2010, 12:26 AM
Final Round Eliminations


John Urist was never headed by Chip Havemann in the Super Street Outlaw finale, drifting around a little on the cold surface but laying down a 7.419 at 191.97 to steal the championship away from incoming points leader John Macdonald.


To put it best, Sean Lyon was a machine this weekend in Drag Radial, qualifying number one, resetting the national record, and making five straight passes between 7.820 and 7.830, including a 7.820 in the final to down Jason Lee, who gave it everything he had in the slick left lane, coming up just short with a 7.94.


In the Hot Street finale, Don Bowles knew he was at a performance disadvantage to Charlie Booze, and gave it everything he had, but got loose and was all over the left lane, relegating him to being a spectator to Charlie's all-time best run of 8.387 at 160.06 for the win.

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